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AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)
Kaijuzill (talkcontribs)

that's Dangerville

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

I know that. I'm just wondering why he's saying (what it sounds like) that MV King Ghidorah has a big brother AND that it sounds like none other than Keizer Ghidorah, the only other Ghidorah who's said to be the strongest. As well as more backstory on King G's part, like why he's so hellbent on world domination. (The answer is "Big Brother Issues.")

Kaijuzill (talkcontribs)

it's a theory video, everything he said wasn't true.

Astounding Beyond Belief (talkcontribs)

This is not presented as a theory video at all.

Kaijuzill (talkcontribs)

was it true?

Astounding Beyond Belief (talkcontribs)

The purpose of the topic is for us to find out. Obviously we haven't yet.

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

(See, normally I would've said something similar about the whole "theory" thing. But then I thought, "Nah! ABB's got this.")

Like, 80-90% of it was spot on. Just that little tidbit was what caught my attention. And of course, I questioned it, cuz I haven't seen nor heard of any sort of confirmation on the "King G/Keizer G Are Brothers" thing. Honestly, (And ABSOLUTELY NO OFFENSE to the storytelling mastermind that is MIB!!!) I actually kinda like the "rival brothers" idea over the "father/son" one. Even if that wasn't the case, it still makes perfect sense. King G's kinda always been a little gilded, in my eyes. (... Get it? "Gilded." Cuz he's gold and probably has some kind of prideful ego. Having "King" in his name and all. 🤣 I couldn't help it. Wanted to make a gold joke. It was just right there.)

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

At least I now have more to work with, once I make that future web series I keep on yammering on about. I was gonna make 'em rivals, anyways. But THIS...THIS makes it all the more compelling! I'm even thinking of having King G idolize and loosely-based his appearance on a certain eldritch being that'll be the ancestor of the Ghidorahs. Kinda like how Megatron (who was the energon miner D16, at the time; before that, he was literally nameless) named himself (and seemed to have based his overall appearance) after the 12th of the Thirteen Primes and one of the 1st 2 Decepticons, Megatronus Prime the Fallen.

Astounding Beyond Belief (talkcontribs)

Haven't heard that. Better ask them.

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

I did. In fact, I used the exact same words, "Uh, source???", in the comments section. 🤣

Although I have to admit, it does kinda make sense, in a way. Kinda adds more depth as to why KG does what he does.

RexGoji (talkcontribs)

Wait, what? That is Dangerville’s video, I watched it and even commented on it. But since when did MonsterVerse Ghidorah have an older brother? Is there any actual proof for this? Also, the animation in the beginning is great, just saying

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

Yeah, I just now saw that. But like I said, it would be very interesting to see that, if that were the case. That and whether or not Desghidorah is King G's son. (Yes, I know it got scrapped, for ROM3. It's just been really bugging me, since we only know them to be "relatives," but not HOW they're related. DOES THAT NOT BOTHER ANYONE ELSE?!)

RexGoji (talkcontribs)

Hmm, I liked to think of Ghidorah as the last of his species, who wants the make the entire universe his home. But this makes things way more interesting

RexGoji (talkcontribs)

Maybe Ghidorah was just a baby or kid at the time. Who knows

LegendaryGoji1954 (talkcontribs)

Call me LegendaryGoji1954, AngiraBlu. How are you? ( That kinda rhymed. ) If I ever make new discussion pages, it'll mostly be about writings.

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

Okie doke! 😉👍

LegendaryGoji1954 (talkcontribs)

Besides speculating on how the unseen Titans could look, I also made a discussion on why Dr. Ilene Chen is one of my favorite human character in the MonsterVerse thus far.

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

Hmm...Tough to say. (*looks @ the "List of MonsterVerse Monsters" page*)

Leviathan probably looks like a mix of eel, female anglerfish, handfish, and Dunkleosteus.

Amhuluk and Baphomet probably resemble what one would imagine: a green, hairy water dragon and a dark-colored (or gold, based on the "leaks") satyr/gargoyle/manticore-looking thing.

(We already have some ideas as to what Sekhmet, Mokele-Mbembe, and Kraken look like. So I'll skip them.)

Yamata no Orochi probably looks like its descriptions, in ancient texts. Really big, green, red-bellied, red-eyed, and plant-covered. Also with 8 heads and tails. Either that or he's that Keizer Ghidorah-looking one, from the opening credits' hieroglyphics.

Typhon and Bunyip...whoa, THOSE are REALLY tough ones! They'll probably do whatever with Typhon, since he's basically Greek Cthulhu. Bunyip, however, might be a harder to narrow down, since there's really no single, consistent description of it. They vary too widely.

Abaddon might be a demonic-looking mantis/locust/scorpion hybrid.

Tiamat might look like an aquatic version of Sekhmet, with salt-like armor.

Quetzalcoatl may/may not be that bird/dragon thing, from the opening credits' hieroglyphics.

Who's the most powerful (*planet-level*) Godzilla opponent?

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

Whether it be personal opinion with reasons or straight-up facts, I'd like to get you guys' thoughts. And no, we won't be including Void Ghidorah. We already have a good idea, as to how strong that eldritch horror is. And no, the likes of Shin G, G Earth, Gigan (*gets his tail handed to him, quite often*), the MUTOs, any of the Mecha-Gs, and Hedorah (*gets beat by drying out*) won't be on here, either.

King Ghidorah, Monster X/Keizer Ghidorah, SpaceGodzilla, Destoroyah, or Bagan?

Gorogera (talkcontribs)

I'd say either SpaceGodzilla or King Ghidorah (Monsterverse).

What Would Happen If...

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

Super Burning Godzilla: Yea or Nay?

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

Should I even utilize such a concept? I kinda don't wanna spoil how such a form could exist. But since my future series is gonna be a ways away, I'm just gonna say it anyways and just hope it gets forgotten, down the line.

Basically, after Mothra discovers symbiotic link and sacrifices herself, via energy transfer, to stop Burning Godzilla's meltdown, Godzilla's able to control the Burning form, at will. As well as being able to converse with an astral form of Mothra, during her reincarnation wait. Although, he could already do it, but without any explanation as to how.

(*As a running gag/"gag", she LITERALLY ALWAYS lays a "pre-fight egg," as a precautionary measure. This leads to 4 of them becoming her children: Leo, Hanako, Taro, and Fairy. As well as an alternate future descendant, the Hotua's Molsa. [Battora being Battra's alt. future descendant]*)

Afterwards, he pulls a GKOTM ending and uses his now-cauterizing fangs to literally eat King Ghidorah's middle head (*?foreshadowing?*), which allows him to absorb KG's energy and DNA. This causes his to take on the Super form.

In short, he gains the power/genetics of both Divine Moth and Ghidorah, thus making him far more powerful.

Later on, he figures out a way to use both forms, all at once. Not exactly sure how yet, but I'm just gonna use Dragon Ball logic (*Ex.: Super Saiyan + SS God = SS Blue; SS + Great Ape = Golden Great Ape >>> "SS4"*). (*🤔 Although, I could just make the Super form have the incendiary properties of the Burning form and call it good. IDK. I just need some insight, 1st.*)

So would there be any pros and cons to this? Would combining the 2 forms be useful/interesting or pointless/scrapable?

(*It's 4:12 AM Central and I'm DEFINITELY gonna snooze, after this. 🤣...😪😴*)

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

I think I'm just gonna scrap it and give the Super form some of the Burning form bits.

Keeping the Nanometal Kiryu where it is. THAT concept stays.

I Just BLEW My Own Mind!!! 🤯🤯🤯

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)
AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

I call it "Atomic Laser Eyes."

A New Concept to Think About!!!

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

OK, so after re-watching Brandon Tenold's 2-part review of Godzilla: Final Wars (*which is tied with GKOTM as my #1 favorite Godzilla movies*), I decided to try and see how much more successful it was than other box office bombs (*!!!A MOVIE THAT AWESOME IS MOST CERTAINLY NOT A FLOP!!!*). But as I tried looking, I came across something rather interesting. And it makes sense, in my mind.

"At least seventeen films since 1964 have held the record for highest-grossing superhero film. Spider-Man has held the record twice, Batman and the Avengers have held it three times each, and Godzilla held it at least six times. Films based on DC Comics have held the record four times, films based on Marvel Comics have held it five times, and Toho films held it at least six times."

- from Timeline of gross records, Highest-grossing superhero films section

"The following is a list of the highest-grossing superhero film by year since 1966. Some years have no superhero films. Batman has topped six years, while Godzilla has topped twelve years, the most of any superhero. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has topped ten years (every year of the 2010s), while the Godzilla films have topped twelve years (mostly during the 1960s–1970s), the most for a franchise. Films based on Marvel Comics have topped eighteen years, the most for a source."

- from Highest-grossing superhero films by year

Big G's super profitable no matter what people think! Plus, there was that time that Marvel actually had the rights to Godzilla AND Transformers, for a bit! 🤫💡 So...maybe Disney should consider acquiring the rights to Godzilla, which may lead them to owning Warner Brothers (which owns Legendary Pictures), which would lead them to owning DC Comics, Pacific Rim, and (I think) Mortal Kombat! As well as acquiring the rights to Transformers, which is owned by Hasbro and whose movie rights are owned by Paramount and DreamWorks! NOW THERE'S A CONCEPT!!! 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

Astounding Beyond Belief (talkcontribs)

The numbers on that Wikipedia article don't mesh with the Japanese attendance at all (perhaps it's worldwide gross?), and the Godzilla movies in question come from a period before Hollywood had much interest in superhero movies.

Disney has more than enough pop culture properties in its grip.

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

And you'd think they'd've figured it out by now. But nope! They've got ESPN, NatGeo, Hulu, 20th Century Fox, Star Wars, Marvel, and the list goes on. They've got more companies than you can shake a stick at.

They'll probably just keep buying companies till people rage quit (*cuz changes to fan-favorite franchises would be made [Ex.: Mortal Kombat without the excessive violence]*) and the multi-company empire crumbles outta sheer bankruptcy.

Rodan roar in JW:TG???

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

OK, I need to get this outta my system. So I got a new iPhone (7, to be exact), a few weeks ago, and one of the games I've been (religiously) playing since then is Jurassic World: The Game. And there's one thing I can't help but notice, during the battles...


If anybody's got the game, try listening very carefully and you'll probably hear what I'm hearing. I think it's mostly in the Ornithocheirae-type pterosaurs.

Kaijuzill (talkcontribs)

do you want us to add it on Godzilla in popular culture?

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

Mmm...Nah. Probably just a coincidence and it just sounded similar to it, in a way.

VaderRaptor (talkcontribs)

I have the game and (according to my memory) it doesn't have Rodan's roar. I'll check again though.

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

OK, it probably just sounds like it, but isn't it. Could just be a coincidence.

VaderRaptor (talkcontribs)

Yeah, Rodan's roar doesn't appear.

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

Yeah, maybe my brain's just telling me that it's the roar, due to the similar vocals, but it really isn't the roar.

Ideas for King Caesar in my future web series.....

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

Honestly, I TRIED my absolute darnedest to not do any fan forms. But I was off and on about the subject and decided to kinda hit the "Screw It" button, since I already gave Kiryu a form with Nanometal-infused armor and Dragonzord/Gurren Lagann-esque references (and a few other fan-made forms, for other kaiju...). Ya know, cuz character development. Wanted to see what you thought of this...cuz (and please correct me, if I'm wrong) I basically made him an Hamon user, mixed with Colossus and Endeavor.:

  • Legendary Monster Ancient Guardian King Caesar: Prism Eye, Ambire-Ergokinetic Absorption, Solar Laser Eyes, Dirty Lightning Beam [*pyro-electric/volcanic lightning; nod to his Lightning Beam and King Balgan's Lava Stream*], Tackle Break, Flying Caesar Attack, Horn Strike, and Stone Scales.
  • Solar Steel Byakko Armor King Caesar: [*nod to/mix of {edit} Armor King Caesar (TOY CARD 100) and these: and*] [Prism Eye, Ambire-Ergokinetic Absorption,] Solar Laser Eyes [metal/solar energy-imbued], Dirty Lightning Beam [metal/solar energy-imbued], Tackle Break [metal/solar energy-imbued], Flying Caesar Attack [metal/solar energy-imbued], Horn Strike [metal/solar energy-imbued], Metal Scales [slight reference to King Balgan's Golden Scales] and Steel Sun Robe [metal/solar energy-imbued flames; think Endeavor's flame-covered suit and Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto's Bankai ability, Zanka no Tachi, Nishi: Zanjitsu Gokui {Blade of Ember, West: Sunset Hell Robe}], and Esoteric Ambire-Ferro-Helio-Ergokinetic Absorption and Combat.
Kaijuzill (talkcontribs)

Sword sheild attack,Super Body Hyper slam

VaderRaptor (talkcontribs)

Will this be animation, stop motion, or something? Also, where do I find it?

Kaijuzill (talkcontribs)

Fan art?

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

Haven't done it yet. Still needing ALL materials. Think MIB, but with 2-4 inch figures (with the exceptions of 6-8 inch figures of Godzilla Earth, Nanometal Mecha-Godzilla, Void Ghidorah, Utsuno Ikusagami, Orochi [Eight-Headed Dragon/Demon King], Kumasogami, and Kaishin Muba), fleshed-out and compelling story and character arcs, major anime vibes, and references galore (scrapped content, video game kaiju [*still figuring out that one*], etc.). Need to work on a really good title that hasn't been taken yet.

All things will be placed in a way that works with the franchise AND makes sense in my mind. Forms and abilities (canon, scrapped, blended with others, and fan-made [by me]) will all work as character development for certain kaiju. I'm even thinking of doing multiverse/crossover-based story arcs, with the likes of Gamera and Pacific Rim.

(*I may've said this before, but this whole thing's the reason I'm wanting all info on abilities and stuff, BEFORE I dive into it headfirst.*)

Kaijuzill (talkcontribs)

a toy fight.

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

...of epic proportions. 😏 Hopefully I don't go overbudget with the SFX and stuff. 😅

VaderRaptor (talkcontribs)

Whenever you release something, hit me with a message.

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

You got it. 😉👍 I'll probably knock out the full (if not, then most of) 1st season first, then release it on YouTube.

VaderRaptor (talkcontribs)


AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

...of epic proportions. 😏 Hopefully I don't go overbudget with the SFX and stuff. 😅

Do you watch Death Battle?

SkullIslandExplorer (talkcontribs)

If so,

1: What did you think of today’s match-up (Weiss from RWBY vs Mitsuru from Persona), and the upcoming match-up?

2: What are your 5 favorite/least favorite Death Battles?

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

1. I thought it was pretty good. I was rooting for Weiss, but that didn't turn out well. X(

2. Not sure if I have any least favs. But if I had to take a crack at what some of my favorites were, they'd probably be the ones I tend to watch over and over again. Like Goku vs. Superman 1 and 2, Agent Maine/the Meta vs. Agent Carolina (Death Battle/Red vs. Blue crossover), Wolverine vs. Raiden, Deadpool vs. Deathstroke, Deadpool vs. Pinkie Pie (STILL trying to wrap my mind around THAT one!), Hulk vs. Doomsday, Thanos vs. Darkseid, Godzilla vs. Gamera, Thor vs. Raiden, Thor vs. Wonder Woman, Vegeta vs. Shadow, Green Arrow vs. Hawkeye, Guts vs. Nightmare, Naruto vs. Ichigo, Chuck Norris vs. Segata Sanshiro (which is STILL going on), Black Panther vs. Batman, and I think you get the idea. X)

SkullIslandExplorer (talkcontribs)

Which fight do you want to see in Death Battle? (list as many as you want). XD

My take on what I asked you:

1. Thought it was good. But I’ll admit, I didn’t care who won (both are lovely). I think Capt. Falcon vs Johnny Cage might be a lame matchup.

2. My 5 Favs:

1: Carnage vs. Lucy (if my avatar didn’t make it obvious)

2: Samurai Jack vs. Afro Samurai (felt just like an episode of their series)

3: Jotaro vs. Kenshiro (Kenshiro is the man!)

4: Weiss vs. Mitsuru

5: Optimus Prime vs. Gundam (oh yeah!)

My 5 least favs:

1: Darth Vader vs. Dr. Doom (I agree that Doom is superior, but I don’t like this one because it’s a huge mismatch, Vader NEVER fought anyone on the same level as Thanos and/or Galactus, and the lava scene feels as though it was written as the main part of the fight. Why they didn’t have Doom teleport Vader to a black hole or turn him into dust beats me)

2: Deadpool vs. Pinkie Pie (very lame, especially since I dislike MLP)

3: Smoky Bear vs. McGruff (makes no sense whatsoever)

4: Guts vs. Nightmare (good fight, but like Vader vs. Doom, huge mismatch, especially since Nightmare is what Guts fights daily)

5: Justin Bieber vs. Rebecca Black (I mean, really?)

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

Ultron vs. Brainiac,

Jimmy Neutron vs. Dexter,

Airwolf vs. Blue Thunder,

Wolverine vs. Timber Wolf vs. El Tigre,

Superboy Prime vs. Sentry,

Ghost Rider vs. Spawn,

Hiccup and Toothless vs. Eragon and Sapfira,

Galactus vs. Unicron vs. Void Ghidorah,

Beast Boy vs. Reptil,

Songbird vs. Black Canary,

Magneto vs. Doctor Polaris,

Kratos vs. Asura,

Who's the Best Archer in Comics? (Hawkeye vs. Arsenal, Hawkeye vs. Shaft, Green Arrow vs. Shaft, and Arsenal vs. Shaft),

Lizard vs. Killer Croc vs. Reptile,

Iceman vs. Sub-Zero,

Catwoman vs. Black Cat,

Green Lantern vs. Nova,

King Shark vs. Tiger Shark,

Deadpool vs. Lobo,

Man-Thing vs. Swamp Thing,

Transformers Supreme Commanders and Emperors of Destruction Battle Royale (Autobot/Maximal fight, Decepticon/Beast Era Predacon fight, and finally a fight between the winners)

SkullIslandExplorer (talkcontribs)

Good matchups (would love to see Jimmy Neutron vs. Dexter).

Here’s my DB Wishlist:

Jason Voorhees vs. Michael Myers (This NEEDS to happen, especially since this match drives the horror community bananas)

Kenshiro (FotNS) vs. Lucy (Elfen Lied)

Samurai Jack vs. Lucy (Elfen Lied)

Samurai Jack vs. Kenshiro (FotNS)

Alucard (Hellsing) vs. Carnage (Marvel)

Doomsday vs. SCP-682

For the lols: Team RWBY vs. MonsterVerse Ghidorah

And Godzilla (MonsterVerse) vs. Lucy (Elfen Lied)

SkullIslandExplorer (talkcontribs)

Just want to say, did you see my comment in the KotM 2019 page?


AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

Yeah. Just now saw it. Nice. In fact, RWBY is one of the numerous anime that plan on fully watching. I've seen a couple episodes and yes, I know what happened to Yang (*MY POOR WAIFU, NO!*).

I need to watch/completely watch.....

the Avatar series, the Baki the Grappler series, Bleach, the Naruto/Boruto series, Cowboy Bebop, Death Note (#KeikakuDohri), Dinosaur King (was bingeing, at one point), the Dragon Ball series (preferably Z Kai, Super, and, yes, GT) (need to watch completely and in order), Drifters, Fairy Tail, Food Wars!, Fullmetal Alchemist, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, the Sengoku Basara series (was also bingeing), Sengoku Musou, Seven Deadly Sins (was also bingeing, on season 2), Kenichi, Helpful Fox Senko, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid (was also bingeing), My Hero Academia (waiting for season 4!), Neon Genesis Evangelion, One Piece, Rurouni Kenshin (seen a couple episodes), RWBY (seen a couple episodes), Samurai Jack (seen a couple episodes), Soul Eater, Soul Eater Not!, almost every Transformers series ever, Trigun, Wolf Children, and Marvel Future Avengers.

PHEW!!!!! What a list! Looks like I've gotta find a lotta time to hardcore binge watch! O_O

(*Some of these are just bcuz I saw them mentioned on Anime America, along with other videos on YouTube, and thought they'd be fun to watch. Especially the comedy-based ones!*)

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

Already seen Gurren Lagann, Battle Angel Alita, Hellsing, and Hellsing Ultimate (I prefer the original, for NUMEROUS reasons that I don't wanna go into [*CRINGE!!!*]).

SkullIslandExplorer (talkcontribs)

Damn, that’s a lot shows. You’d definitely like the Avatar series (dunno bout Korra, but A:TLA is the best), Samurai Jack is AWESOME (I watched the entire series a few months ago, and it’s best anime), I finished Vol. 1 of RWBY (you can spoil the series for me all you want, because I kinda spoiled some stuff about it for myself, though, I wouldn’t understand it until I watched the entire series. And I didn’t know you liked Yang, and yeah, it sucked what happened to her). I’m currently watching RWBY and Fist of the North Star (and Fist’ll take longer than RWBY, I can tell you that). (BTW, didn’t know you watched Hellsing, that s**t’s intense)

Also, it would cool if RWBY crossed over with the MonsterVerse, because WarnerMedia owns both the MonsterVerse and Rooster Teeth (RWBY’s streaming service), so why not see Titans/M.U.T.O.s roam Remnant? Or see Teams RWBY and JNPR team up with Godzilla? (or Monarch, depending on the story) Or see Roman, Cinder, or any villain unleash Titans/M.U.T.O.s for their nefarious plans?

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

Yeah, need to catch up on Avatar. In order. I found out about Yang and RWBY, via the Death Battle episode of her vs. Tifa Lockhart. (Which is how I find out about A LOT of other people, as well.) SHE'S JUST SO LIKEABLE!!! (*She's PERFECT!*) She's almost like a 2nd chick version of me (1st being a friend of mine. She's kinda a Neko Girl [Cat Girl].), minus the blonde hair, lilac eyes, 5'9", 19, and robot arm (Which I'm still not a fan of, cuz I want her to somehow get her arm back. But that's just me feeling really bad for her.). A few of the shows are for comedy, cooking ideas (Today's Menu for the Emiya Family, from the Fate Series, falls into this), and workout ideas. (Forgot to mention How Many Kilograms are the Dumbbells You Lift?, since the anime comes out July 3) And with Hellsing, I started watching it a little bit after I started watching TeamFourStar's Hellsing Ultimate Abridged, which is HILARIOUS! (Can't believe I can do some of the voices, INCLUDING Alucard's!) And I guess it would be interesting to see a RWBY/MonsterVerse crossover. Maybe having kaiju-sized Grimm, in order for the crossover to make sense, since kaiju-sized things usually fight other kaiju-sized things.

Speaking of Rooster Teeth, have you ever watched the longest running web series, Red vs. Blue? (since April 2003 and recently wrapped up season 17) You can watch seasons 1 through 13 on Netflix. 14 is just a bunch of stuff V.I.C. put together, including the RvB/Death Battle crossover. Which is what REALLY got me watching it again (At the time, I'd only watched a good chuck of season 1.). 15-17 get.....strange. Overall, great show with great storytelling overtime.

SkullIslandExplorer (talkcontribs)

Here’s some stuff to brighten up your day:


deviantArt (NOTE: these aren’t mine, nor do I have a deviantArt, unless I say so):

SkullIslandExplorer (talkcontribs)

How scary do these ideas sound? 2 scenarios in MonsterVerse/RWBY: 1: King Ghidorah uses his Alpha Roar to bend all Grimm to his will. Or 2: King Ghidorah is in control of Roman and Cinder’s team, and despite not being human, he’s the dominant one. How does that sound?

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

Extra terrifying! Especially with the Grimm involved.

SkullIslandExplorer (talkcontribs)

What did you think of today’s Death Battle and the upcoming matchup?

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

Pretty good! Kinda curious as to where they're going with Aang vs. Ed Elric.

SkullIslandExplorer (talkcontribs)

Just curious. Do you watch Gordon Ramsay? XD

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

NOPE!!! Can't stand him! He's just SO mean! He's like the extra rude, extra loud, foul-mouthed Simon Cowell of the culinary arts. (Don't really have anything against Simon Cowell, BTW.) He's basically one of those movies where you see one scene and you're outta there.

SkullIslandExplorer (talkcontribs)

I know it’s your opinion, but just hear me out as to why Gordon isn’t as mean as you think:

1. He’s only mean in shows like Kitchen Nightmares, Master Chief, Hotel Hell, and Hell’s Kitchen (just to name a few). The reason he’s mean is because in HK and MC, he’s showing these amateur chiefs that running/working at a restaurant isn’t an easy task, and they need to work in stressful situations (another good example like this is the Army, the reason Drill Sargents are absolute @$$holes to the recruits is because they’re teaching them how to handle stress, because nobody said that war was a walk in the park. Now it seems like a bit of a stretch to compare war to running/working at a restaurant, but I do have a valid point). Not to mention that the chiefs he trained have been pretty successful. As for KN and HH, these owners are either delusional, self-centered, in denial, treat staff/costumers like trash, have mediocre to awful food, financial troubles, work in fumbling/unsanitary environments etc. He’s showing them how to properly run a building, keep their bills payed, and be successful in general.

2. He’s foul-mouthed because, let’s be honest, anyone can be foul-mouthed, but he’s not swearing just to swear or look cool, he swears because he’s trying to get a point across, and he’s angry at the person making the situation worse.

And 3. Despite his colorful personality, he’s a pretty nice guy behind the cameras, and his food looks great.

In closing: it’s fine if you don’t agree with me, anyone can like/dislike a celebrity, but hopefully those points can show you that Gordon isn’t as bad as you make him out to be. In fact, his outbursts in Hell’s Kitchen are one of the most amusing things I’ve ever seen. But again, I’m completely fine with you disagreeing with me, we all have a right to do so. Good night.

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

Huh...Makes sense when ya put it that way.

(*Have you been taking speech classes or something? Cuz that was really good!*)

SkullIslandExplorer (talkcontribs)

Nah, I just do my research, talk to my parents/other people, and use my/their life experiences as a reference. That’s all. And please don’t see it as a way for me to persuade you to like him, it’s just some things I know about him. And ignore my misspelling of “Chef”. I wrote “Chief” instead, oh well. But thank you.

Also, What do you think of this: Godzilla: King of the Monsters#comment-11618

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

1. Ok.

2. Nice!

SkullIslandExplorer (talkcontribs)

2 Things:

1: Did you see the announcements from the RWBY Panel at RTX? (Season 7, new designs, tie-in books etc. If not, just head to the official RWBY Twitter)

2: how do these setups for a RWBY/MonsterVerse crossover sound?

1: Should the Titans/M.U.T.O.s be naturally occurring creatures that balance Remnant’s ecosystem against the Grimm? (Example: Godzilla is the Alpha Predator, the Grimm are an invasive species, and even vile creatures like the Skullcrawlers and MUTOs defend Remnant’s ecosystem, while still terrorizing humans and faunus. And a scary twist: King Ghidorah controls the villains, the entire Grimm species, and other Titans too weak to fight his will, so he can terraform Remnant with the Grimm, and turn on his human helpers. (It’s a long process, so we’ll have to start a different topic to discuss further).

or 2: Monarch tries to develop a new weapon to send the Titans/M.U.T.O.s to other dimensions at the U.S. Government’s request, only to accidentally merge our world with Remnant’s, and have to team up with Teams RWBY and JNPR (and other supporting characters) against Alan Jonah (and his organization), Team CRME (and other villains), King Ghidorah, and rogue Titans to undo their mistake, and set everything back to normal.

Whew, that was long. But let me know what you think.

Edit: What do you think of this? Godzilla: King of the Monsters#comment-12008

SkullIslandExplorer (talkcontribs)
AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

1. Saw some stuff on the RWBY panel. Thought it was awesome!

2. Both ideas are great! But what if you combined them? Now THERE'S a thought!

3. Days could get crazier. And don't worry, you're not bothering me. It's all good! And I've seen that fight, which was AWESOME! And nice one on the GKOTM comment!

4. BTW, Gordon Ramsay actually does seem pretty chill. He's got something on NatGeo channel. Chill in that, looks like.

SkullIslandExplorer (talkcontribs)

Cool man. But I’m going to admit, I’m not too sold on Team RWBY’s new outfits (especially Weiss’s), but Blake looks BEAUTIFUL!

Also, since Yang losing her arm SUCKS, how about my take on that part (with a twist)? Enjoy and give me your thoughts on it:

Title: RWBY Heroes and Monsters Alternate Take (Yang keeps her arm)

My take: *Adam draws his sword and stabs it into Blake's abdomen near her left hip, causing her to shriek in pain. The cry catches Yang's attention.*

Yang: “Huh?”

*Adam stands upright, pulling his sword from Blake's flesh and turning to face Yang.*

Yang: “Get away from her!”

Blake: *Reaching out helplessly, whispering* “No... please...”

*Adam sheathes his sword, smiling. Yang screams, her eyes turning red and a burst of flame erupting from her. She leaps at Adam, drawing her fist back with tears in her eyes. Adam swiftly draws his sword, swinging it through the air at Yang, as his Semblance activates. As Yang flies through the air, she lands a huge punch in Adam’s face!*


*Yang’s fist collides with Adam’s face, breaking his mask off, and causing him to drop his sword.*


*Yang lands a second punch, knocking a few molars out of Adam’s mouth.”



*Yang then unleashes a fury of punches all over Adam’s face, chest, shoulders, biceps, and abdomen, even after the Ember Celica runs out of ammo. Blake watches in confusion.*


*Yang lands the final punch in Adam’s face, breaking his nose. Adam struggles to get back up on his feet, while groaning in pain.*

Yang: “Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken!” (A/N: Japanese for “Hundred Crack Fist of the North Star”)

Adam: *Retrieves his sword* “Hahahaha! You really think that’s going to stop me?!”

Yang: *Points finger at him* “Omae wa mou shindeiru!” (A/N: Japanese for “You’re already dead”)

Adam: *Activates his Semblance* “I’m already dead?! THIS FIGHT’S JUST BEGI-!”

*Before Adam could finish his sentence and take a step, his head explodes into a gory mess. Blake is astonished that her friend could pull off something like that.

*Cue: Ai o Torimodose!! (Theme song of Fist of the North Star)*

Yang: *Reloads Ember Celica, helps Blake stand up, and faces Adam’s corpse* “Hokuto Shinken has been passed down to generations for 2,000 years! You were already dead before the first punch was thrown.”

Edit: Another MonsterVerse/RWBY comment: Godzilla: King of the Monsters#comment-13041

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

Nice on both! BTW, just made an account on, under the username "Aeon Primax." ( It's relatively new, so I haven't gone through and changed much of it, yet.

I also noticed something strange about the site: If you look at both formats of TFWiki and Wikizilla, THEY LOOK REMARKABLY SIMILAR!!! Wonder what's up with that?!

(*has Day of the Doctor moment *)

11th Doctor: Hey, look! The "round things!"

10th Doctor: I LOVE the "round things."

11th: What ARE the "round things?"

10th: No idea.

SkullIslandExplorer (talkcontribs)

Cool. Though to let you know in advance, I will only be on Wikizilla (since operating multiple accounts is too much for me). And yeah, they do look similar (funny vid btw).

And I have a few things to say before I go:

1. How are these “vs. Adam Taurus” pics?


Jotaro Kujo:


2. How would a Beast Wars/RWBY crossover sound? Imagine cool moments like: Blake and Dinobot. Funny moments like: Cheetor and/or Rattrap annoying Weiss and vice versa. OR Megatron, Roman, and Cinder all saying, “Yeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssss!”

3. What if DIO (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure) and Cinder “fell” in love with each other? (I think they’d be terrifying together)

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)