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Potential “Daikaiju Dynasty” Animator Candidate

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

Naseer Pasha, known for Rise of the TMNT, LEGO Monkie Kid, and this absolute hype fire: Legend — a Dragon Ball Tale! 👇🏻

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

Various Godzilla Subspecies for G:DD

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

For this, I've taken the liberty of expanding on the whole concept of various subspecies branching off of (*what I like to call, for the sake of anti-"too-on-the-nose"*) the Honengyosaurus genus. I'm writing them as basal archosaurs with the unique ability to self-evolve, in order properly adapt to different environments and "fuel efficiency" (*not having to consume so much food sources [meat and various forms of energy, especially anything within the EM spectrum]*). Each major species is more or less like a metamorphic stage, of sorts. With the various subspecies being more like descendants that remained in their respective stages and evolved into different forms, over time. And while most of the subspecies would lose their signature self-evolution trait, over time, the H. rex would retain it, albeit having a more semi-dormant version that could be used when absolutely necessary. Used this guy's amazing art as a reference. This is where I came up with the idea.

EDITS (January 27, 2022): Changed Godzirasaurus to Honengyosaurus, G. a. paleosaurus to H. a. sauropodoid, G. a. orga to H. a. thalassosuchus, and G. s. rhedosaurus to H. s. toxicohaemos.

1. Honengyosaurus amphibios [“Double-Life Fruitful-Year-Fish Lizard”]

  • H. a. sauropodoid [“Double-Life Lizard-Foot-Formed Fruitful-Year-Fish Lizard”] (*Paleosaurus*)
  • H. a. thalassosuchus [“Double-Life Sea-Crocodile Fruitful-Year-Fish Lizard”] (*Orga and her son Gorgo [**having to change Millenian Orga's name to the staff-made nickname of "Skatron," as a result, to avoid confusion**]*)
  • H. a. spinosauroid [“Double-Life Spined-Lizard-Formed Fruitful-Year-Fish Lizard”] (*Chitanosaurus [Titanosaurus] and Meister-Chitano [Meister-Titano] of the alternate future timeline*)

2. Honengyosaurus suchomorph [“Crocodile-Formed Fruitful-Year-Fish Lizard”]

  • H. s. toxihaemos [“Crocodile-Formed Toxic-Blooded Fruitful-Year-Fish Lizard”] (*Rhedosaurus*)
  • H. s. foetodon [“Stinking-Tooth Fruitful-Year-Fish Lizard”] (*Foetodons [larger, Hollow Earth variety]*)
  • H. s. f. ferreus [“Cruel Stinking-Tooth Fruitful-Year-Fish Lizard”] (*Foetodons [smaller, Skull Island variety]*)

3. Honengyosaurus theropodoid [“Beast-Foot-Formed Fruitful-Year-Fish Lizard”]

  • H. t. allosauroid [“Beast-Foot-Formed Different-Lizard-Formed Fruitful-Year-Fish Lizard”] (*Gorosaurus*)
  • H. t. ceratosauroid [“Beast-Foot-Formed Horned-Lizard-Formed Fruitful-Year-Fish Lizard”] (*Yangari [Yonggary]*)

4. Honengyosaurus rex [“Fruitful-Year-Fish Lizard King”] (*notable members of Godzilla's species are here*)

(EDIT: March 29, 2022) 5. Honengyosaurus imperator [“Fruitful-Year-Fish Lizard Emperor”] (*basically the larger Godzilla-like skull in GvK and this 👉🏻. *)

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

Other species include:

  • basal Hominid (*between Hominid Pongine and Hominid Hominine Gorilline*) Megaprimatus yasha and ashura-rasetsu [“Great-Supreme Yaksha/Yasha/Night-Fork and Asura-Rakshasa/Asura-Rasetsu/Carnage-Demon-Fiend”] (the Skull Island Tagu and Atu Apes)
  • basal Ankylosaurian Ryukisaurus [“Dragon-Turtle Lizard”] (members of Anguirus’ genus)
  • basal Dsungaripterid Monofenestratan Karurapteryx [“Garuda/Karura-Wing”] (members of Rodan’s genus)
  • basal Neopteran Eumetabolan Shinchuptera [“Divine-Insect Wing”] (the Divine Moths)
  • basal Lepidosauromorph Varanopode furi-gyuki [“Wind-Tanuki Bull-Demon Monitor-Foot”] (members of Varan’s genus)
  • basal Ferungulate Setsushicyon kaichi-shisa [“Xiezhi/Kaichi-Shisa Snow-Lion Dog] (the Okinawan Shisa)
  • basal Pythonomorph Ophioryu [“Serpent-Dragon”] (the Muan Sea Dragons)
  • basal Burnetiid Burnetiamorph Biarmosuchian Therapsid Baranosdragon komainu-kaichi [“Komainu/Goryeo-Dog-Xiezhi/Kaichi Rose-Dragon”] (members of Baragora’s genus)
  • basal Mantis Polyneopteran Kamaitachiptera [“Sickle-Weasel Wing”] (members of Kamacuras’ genus) (*EDIT: Just to name a few extra abilities: #1. Spits and secretes silk from raptorial arms, like Raspy Crickets and Webspinners. #2. Fires off toxic, terpene-like substance from fontanellar gun, like the Nasutitermitine-type termites. #3. Secrete a pungent musk/toxic, flammable, pale yellow chemical that disorientates predators, change colors, emit weaponized hisses/buzzes/chirps from thoracic and abdominal spiracles, perform thanatosis, squeeze through tight spaces, and curl up armored exoskeleton, like various types of cockroaches [but w/ a more mantid-like twist].*)
  • basal Araneomorph Toxitsuchigumo [“Toxic Earth-Spider”] (members of Kumonga's genus)
  • basal Kannemeyeriiform Rokugyosaurus [“Terrestrial-Fish Lizard”] (members of Shugetsu [Red Moon], Erabus/Daigoro’s mother, and Daigoro/Hafun’s genus)
  • basal Atlantogenatan Gozubakudon [“Ox-Headed Dream-Eater/Tapir-Tooth”] (members of Osoros/Pulgasari/Behemoth’s genus) (*EDIT: Due to the Baku of Japan and Bulgasali of Korea essentially being the same creature, despite dietary differences, and the Atlantogenatan Afrotherian sub-clade Paenungulata possessing various horned mammals. *)
  • basal Bovine Calogozu ferrophagus [“Metal-Eating Hot-Ox-Head”] (members of Pulgasari’s genus)
  • basal Cephalopod Koromodakopus [“Cloth-Octopus Foot”] (members of Odako/Na Kika's genus)
  • basal Malacostracan Amikiricaris [“Net-Cutter Shrimp”] (members of Ebirah’s genus)
  • basal Sepiid Sepiaumibozu [“Cuttlefish/Rotten Sea-Priest”] (members of Gezora’s genus)
  • basal Pareiasaur Daidarabotchisaurus [“Giant-Priest Lizard”] (members of Gyottos/Eartheater/Methuselah’s genus)
  • basal ?Euteleostome? Sagaricephale ounipanoplia [“Ramie-Peat-Armored Hanging-Head”] (members of Kaiso [Seaweed Monster]/Amhuluk’s genus)
  • basal Pythonomorph Mizuchidraco [“Water-Spirit Dragon/Serpent”] (members of Umihebi [{Giant} Sea Serpent]/Tiamat’s genus)

Kong's Species in DD

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

OK, so, since I'm pulling some inspiration from Japanese folklore for some of the Earth-born kaiju, I'm wondering if I should give Kong's species, the Megaprimatus yasha, not only piezo-electrokinesis, but also chlorokinesis, geokinesis, and/or hydrokinesis (or perhaps chloro-/geo-/hydro-ergokinesis), as the yaksha/yasha of Hindu-Buddhist/Japanese lore are associated with forests, mountains, and water (i.e., nature).

Should I or should I not?

Main Location of Daikaiju Dynasty

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

I've recently decided that the main location where DD will take place will be an artificial "super-Earth" and solar system, made for any and all kaiju found on Earth by Monarch, the Peacelandians, the Rosettians, the Pyrotheosan/Kashinians (Planet Fire God inhabitants), the Prasinoans/Ryokuans (Planet Green inhabitants), the Ultras, (maybe the Pairans[?],) the Bidimensionals (Two-Dimensional People), and the Esmeraldans. They'd teleport the Hollow Earth and its vile vortex network, Skull Island, Infant Island, and any other kaiju-associated locations (as well as consumable resources, of course) to the new planet designated M-119, a.k.a. the "Kaiju Earth." With the combined Earth-like planetary energy signature and the Xiium (ksi-um) (Element X/Hollow Earth energy), this planet would be under attack by would-be Earth invaders, rather than the actual Earth. Basically, the whole planet and its solar system are the normal Earth's extraterrestrial defense system. Plus, the kaiju would be kept in check by the previously-mentioned makers of M-119, with various Earth mechs and warships essentially serving as "kaiju law enforcers," so to speak.

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

The blue sun will be made of both star matter (harvested from various stars, via Dyson Spheres), the Land of Light's/Ultra Star's Plasma Spark, and Xiium.

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

I’m also thinking of having the series go from the previously-planned stop-motion route to a more 2D/3D-esque, ukiyo-e-like animation style. Kinda like what Konami did for the recent GetsuFūmaDen: Undying Moon game. The anime format will still be there.

More G:DD ideas: Pre-Production Retcons (*Spoilers?*)

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

OK, I dunno how y'all are gonna react to this, but I may've just made some major changes to some of the antagonistic kaiju, which may've also just made them even more prominent and dangerous than I'd previously had written them out to be.

Here's the changes I made, via some excerpts from my "Kaiju, Mechas, and Ships Moves (Toho [Godzilla])" list. As AnimeUproar once said, "So please, proceed with caution. You have been warned."

a Transdimensional Tetrapod/“Gabara” [H: 58m {190.3ft}] and “Chthonic Tyrant Baragon”[/ “Sea Baragon”] [H: 25-60m {82.02-196.9ft}]/Salunga [L: 21-42m {68.9-137.8ft}] [*“Gabara” and “Baragon” are merely semi-amnesiac aliases for Salunga’s 2 “incomplete” split forms, as his transdimensional body hadn’t properly adapted to the main dimension’s environment; Gabara took the form of a mutated Bullfrog, while Baragon took the form of a Baranosdragon; they’d later fuse to reform Salunga*]

• (“Gabara”: Electric Discharge [Hammer Punches and Discharge Horns], Electric Smoke Breath [Electric Smoke Bombs], Toxic Bomb Claws, Venomous Warts, Multiple Stomachs and Organs [Discharge Organ {neck}, Storage Stomach {throat}, Fluid Stomach {chest}, Gas Stomach {chest}, Ignition Organ {waist}, and Power Generator Organ {waist}], and Toxi-Frago-Typho-Electrokinetic Combat)

• (“Baragon”: Magma Breath [Magma Fireballs], Luminous Horn [as Chthonic Tyrant Baragon]/Luminous Drill Horn [as Sea Baragon], Lava Fluid Sacs and Geo-Magmakinetic Burrowing [arms and legs] [Lava Eruption], and Ambire-Pyro-Ergokinetic Absorption, Regeneration, and Combat)

• (Salunga: [Electric Discharge [Hammer Punches and Discharge Horns], Toxic Bomb Claws, Venomous Warts,] Pyric Plasma Breath [Pyric Plasma Bombs], Archetype Generation [Red Dust Storm] and Ambire-Frago-Plasmokinetic Absorption, Regeneration, and Combat)

a Transdimensional Ankylosaurid/Armored Killer Angilas [U: 60-90m {196.9-295.3ft}; Q: 40m {131.2ft}]/Precognitive Monster Angilas [*his origins are later revealed to the very reason Godzilla had to fight and presumably kill Angilas; he was assimilating the genetic makeup of many Anguillasaurs, via killing and eating them; Godzilla sensed Angilas wasn’t part of Earth’s ecosystem and natural order, but didn’t know Angilas was transdimensional and, therefore, not understanding why he was having to {presumably} kill {what looked like} an Anguillasaur, until later*]

• (Spiked Carapace [Angilas Ball {Thunderball (*freezes/burns/poisons @ will*)}, Angilas Disc {*freezes/burns/poisons @ will*}, Precognitive Shield {*also absorbs kinetic energy*} {as Precognitive Monster Angilas}, Spike Barrage {as Precognitive Monster Angilas}, Thermo-Toxic Energy Spikes, and Needle Attack/Carapace Slam/Back Tackle], Cold Flame [Cold Fireballs], Ultrasonic Roar, Thermo-Toxic Claws, Thermo-Toxic Mace, Archetype Generation {as Precognitive Monster Angilas}, Consumptive Growth-Based Self-Mutation {as Precognitive Monster Angilas}, 6 Brains [head, shoulders {2}, ankles {2}, and tail], Thermoreception, Burrowing, and Toxi-Thermokinetic Combat)

a Transdimensional Hive-Minded Arthropod Colony/“Spiga” [H: 35-45m {114.8-147.6ft}; L: 50-60m {164.14-196.9ft}] and “Gimantis” [H: 50m {164.14ft}; WS: 60m {196.9ft}]/Kumocuras (Kumocuras Cytodes), Hanenga (Kumocuras Alatus), Kamanga (Kumocuras Falcipes), and Zenbunga (Kumocuras Ultima) [*“Spiga” and “Gimantis” are merely semi-amnesiac aliases for Kumocuras colony’s 2 “incomplete” split forms, as his transdimensional body hadn’t properly adapted to the main dimension’s environment; Spiga took the form of a mutated Spitting Spider, while Gimantis took the form of a mutated Giant Praying Mantis; they’d later fuse to reform the Kumocuras colony*]

• (“Spiga”: Poison Silk System [Web Snare {Sticky Thread and Death Net} and Poison Stinger {Homing Sting}])

• (“Gimantis”: Hook Crush, Windmill Shots, Active Camouflage, and Wing Shockwaves)

• (Kumocuras, Hanenga, Kamanga, and Zenbunga: Sticky Thread, Hook Crush [as Kamanga and Zenbunga], Wing Shockwaves [as Hanenga and Zenbunga], Regenerative Anatomical Liberation and Autonomous Combat, and Archetype Generation)

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

Lots of stuff has altered, within the past several weeks. Also, Baragon will not be part of Salunga, but instead Gabara will just be an "incomplete" Salunga.

I don't exactly feel like doing renewed lists, at the moment. It's kinda mentally exhausting and I'm in no mood for that, yet. 😅

Pulgasari’s True Color

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

OK, so I know this might be an odd one, but after seeing a couple figures and a bunch of fan art, I’m starting to be unsure of what his actual, in-movie coloration is. I’ve seen colors ranging in black, brown, blue, and green. Which one is it really?

Gamera Reference Found @ Local Dollar General.

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

New Kaiju Creations for Daikaiju Dynasty

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

I’m starting to consider having new, never-before-seen-onscreen kaiju species for the series. Especially since there’re so many fauna to get inspiration from, but never truly get used.

For starters, a very basal monkey with platyrrhine (New World monkey) and cercopithecid (Old Word monkey) features. Like, a papionine-type (*mandrill/drill/gelada/Dinopithecus*) with a spider monkey-like prehensile tail with a black-and-white colobus-type tail tuft (*which can be tightly-wrapped around the waist, during close-quarters combat; similarly to the Universe 7 Saiyans from Dragon Ball*) and howler monkey-like vocals. Excluding the masses of fur and facial colorations, the most striking feature is its thick skull and jagged bosses (*nasal bosses on the colorful muzzle, brow bosses, and dorsal hand and feet bosses*). The more facial bosses are used for the combative measure of “facebutting.” Both genders bear the various bosses, but the males have larger ones.

I need physics experts. Badly.

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

Nuclear, Plasma, Light/Photonic/Cherenkov radiation, and Kinetic. What exactly do they have in common? Where are they categorized under?

I'm bout ready to go insane from both mental strain and roadblock, find the nearest metal desk, and repeatedly bang my head on in, if I don't get some help on this.

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

3 out of the 4 have Electromagnetism in common. Problem solved.

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)


I also took the liberty of informing the guy on Super G's known abilities. (*see Comments section; you'll recognize me by my avatar pic*)