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Shinomura is real.

— Me lol

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Alternate names Keeri Draco (Lost account), Keeri'jira (originally intended name)
Species Earthling
Nationality Freedom
Born Nov 3 (It was meant to be)
Allies Stan Ellsworth, Godzilla, Titanosaurus, Gigan, Behemoth, Scylla, Tiamat
Enemies Isaac Asimov and anyone who shares that same "I'll look down at kaiju material because it's bad/goofy/any other adjective they come up with" mindset, Godzilla Pretenders (Dr. Skipper, etc), Godzooky
First appearance Sep 21, 2021 (Unused Account)

Jan 26, 2022 (Used Account)


Hello, my name is Keeri'jira, after the name of my favorite character I have thought up, and the G-man himself (but spelled incorrectly because I'm more incompetent than I thought). The name "Keeri" is something I use for everything I do online. I love Fantasy, Paleontology, Sci-Fi, and Spec-Evo, but Kaiju reign supreme for me. My first Godzilla film ever was Godzilla vs King Ghidorah (1993), which I quickly followed with episodes of Godzilla the Series, Final Wars, so on and so forth.

My favorite Kaiju besides Goji are Titanosaurus and Showa Gigan. As for Gigan, I love his colors, creative and unique design, ruthless yet goofy personality, and in general all of his fabulousness. Much of the same for Titano, his design is pretty simple by comparison but very cool and it works super well, and his personality is great, he just wants to chill in the ocean. Both of them are all around standout kaiju, though I think(?) I enjoy Titano more.

One of my favorite incarnations of Godzilla, surprisingly for me, is Godzilla Jr. featured in Godzilla The Series. GTS was the very second piece of Godzilla media I ever saw, and I find that I still quite enjoy watching the series, and I sort of hold this incarnation with special regard. I love everything from his personality to his signature green atomic breath. The '98 film was definitely worth it for this guy and the Millennium series. That being said, I like a few of the other incarnations more, with Heisei probably being my #1 favorite.

My favorite movie of the Kaiju genre and of all time was the original 1954 Gojira film. However, after watching Godzilla Minus One, I can definitively say that I not only enjoyed it more than the original, but it dethrones the '54 movie in my mind for the seat of greatest kaiju film of all time.

My current collection of Kaiju films consists of:

I also own the DVD set of the 1966 Ultraman series and Ultraman Gaia.

I have seen the GODZILLA anime trilogy, and I genuinely believe it ties with '98 as the worst films in the franchise. I have seen GAMERA -Rebirth- and absolutely loved it, as well as Neon Genisis Evangelion & End of Evangelion. The original Eva series is tied with Cowboy Bebop and Violet Evergarden as my favorite television shows full stop.

I'm also a big fan of the kaiju animators Quazies and Vrahno and their respective series.

As for Kaiju books, I currently own

as well as Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero. I know there's some others by Scott Ciencin, but they're hiding somewhere I've yet to find.

Finally, for Kaiju games I own

and Dawn of the Monsters, and I also play the fan games Kaiju Arisen 5.0 & Project Kaiju 4.0.

I am extremely excited to further join the community and look forward to my experience on this site!

As time keeps marching on, more and more Godzilla stars, which I have learned about and adord practically my entire life, are passing on. I think it's important to remember those who are gone, and I know my heros will forever be with me through the films I watched and the stories I read or hear.

Current Sandboxes

Feel free to help out if you have anything to add!

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Words To Live By

In life, there are Hunters, and then, there's Monster Hunters!

— Stan Ellsworth

Kill the part of you that cringes, not the part of you that is cringe.

Ultraman rides a dragon cuz yes

Top 20 Giant Monster Movies

  1. Godzilla Minus One (2023)
  2. Gojira (1954)
  3. Godzilla vs. Destoroyah (1995)
  4. King Kong (2005)
  5. Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris (1999)
  6. Shin Godzilla (2016)
  7. Pacific Rim (2013)
  8. Godzilla (2014)
  9. Mothra (1961)
  10. Mothra vs. Godzilla (1964)
  11. Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All Out Attack (2001)
  12. Godzilla vs. Biollante (1989)
  13. Rodan (1956)
  14. Ghidorah, The Three Headed Monster (1964)
  15. King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962)
  16. Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire (2024)
  17. Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla (2002)
  18. Gamera 2: Attack of Legion (1996)
  19. Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla (1974)
  20. Shin Ultraman (2022)

Kaiju Television Shows (That I've Actually Seen At Least Part Of)

  1. Evangelion (Yes, I count it)
  2. Ultraman Gaia
  3. GAMERA -Rebirth- (2023)
  4. Ultraman
  5. Ultraman Tiga
  6. Monarch: Legacy of Monsters
  7. Godzilland
  8. Chibi Godzilla
  9. Godzilla Singular Point
  10. Hanna Barbera Godzilla
  11. Zone Fighter

Top 100 Kaiju (+ Some Robots & Mechs)

  1. Godzilla
  2. Titanosaurus
  3. Gigan
  4. Mothra
  5. Rodan
  6. Gamera
  7. King Ghidorah
  8. Biollante
  9. Anguirus
  10. Varan
  11. Mechagodzilla
  12. Baragon
  13. Megalon
  14. Shimo
  15. Barugon
  16. Ruckus
  17. Bagan
  18. King Kong
  19. Guiron
  20. Geharha
  21. Rawa
  22. Manda
  23. Behemoth
  24. Tiamat
  25. Scylla
  26. Destoroyah
  27. Son of Godzilla (Both Minilla & Jr., fight me)
  28. Gomora
  29. Skar King
  30. Knifehead
  31. Otachi
  32. Suko
  33. Salunga
  34. Slattern
  35. Raiju
  36. Spacegodzilla
  37. Hedorah
  38. Amhuluk
  39. Camazotz
  40. MUTOs
  41. Shinomura
  42. Doug
  43. Skorak
  44. Leatherback
  45. Neronga
  46. Nakika
  47. Orga
  48. Mutavore
  49. Komodithrax
  50. Raijin
  51. Mother Legion
  52. Iris
  53. Gabora
  54. King Caesar
  55. Copperhead
  56. Battra
  57. Megaguirus
  58. Gyaos
  59. The Chameleon
  60. Methuselah
  61. Hardship
  62. Woolley
  63. Zigra
  64. Frost Vark
  65. Gezora
  66. Ganimes
  67. Kamoebas
  68. Antlar
  69. Dorako
  70. Red King
  71. Jet Jaguar
  72. Bemular
  73. Viras
  74. Onibaba
  75. Ramarak
  76. Gorosaurus
  77. King Cobra
  78. Ebirah
  79. Peguila
  80. Trilopods & Magita
  81. Crackler
  82. Trespasser
  83. Nozuki
  84. Kamacurus
  85. Gorogong
  86. Dagahra
  87. Kumonga
  88. Zyva
  89. Mecha King Ghidorah
  90. Fungoids
  91. Gavadon
  92. Zoospora
  93. Rohanna
  94. Snarlagon
  95. Scunner
  96. Bagorah
  97. Jiger
  98. Zilla
  99. Moguera
  100. Gorgo/Ogra

Toho Big 5 Incarnations Ranking

  1. Heisei - My childhood incarnate and who I think of when I think “Godzilla”. I really love the way this Godzilla is portrayed through the saga of his era and how we see his entire journey. His design is probably tied with ShoadaiGoji’s in first place for me, and although I’m not too keen on his ‘84 look, the BioGoji suit onwards are fantastic! He has a very animalistic look to him that also incorporates features such as the ears and fangs that give him an almost demon-like appearance. He keeps his unstoppable vengeance-type personality, and even if it is somewhat put on the back burner of later entries, he still feels like that same creature while also fighting off other monsters and causing chaos. His theme music done in Vs. Ghidorah, which has now been adapted into the Godzilla Suite III for Minus One, combines the Godzilla march as an opening before going into the main beat which is just so amazing sounding. He has plenty of abilities and it’s cool to see him grow more powerful as the films progress until the very end where it kills him. Godzilla’s death is one of the most memorable visuals and scenes in the franchise, it paired with the music and the context of it all makes it one of the few moments in this series which had and still has me shed tears. I love how Satsuma emphasized his personality with movements to make him feel alive and let his personality show without making the monster human. Finally, his dynamic with Jr. as his only companion and then losing him in that climactic final battle is just mwah, chef’s kiss. My only issue with this Godzilla really is that overtime the BioGoji suit started having this really massive forehead and the fact that the roars used in 1984 & 89 were far better than the weaker one they started using.
  2. -1.0 - He is a truly terrifying force like he never has been before. This is the first Godzilla I was really and truly scared of, and while the largest reason for that was well written characters, Godzilla himself had plenty to contribute to that fact. As far as design goes, it is fantastic! It really feels like a modern version of the Heisei design but with its own flare. His skin and scales is rugged and scarred and the way his plates look is definitely interesting. His eyes are also piercing and almost human-like, giving more thought behind his actions and making him all the more terrifying. His regeneration factor is just glorious, and I love that over the course of the film you can see the patches on his skin that have been recently regenerated. I absolutely adore the fact that his survival of the atomic bomb and subsequent physical alteration is explained by him or his species already having axolotol-turned-up-to-55 regeneration, and his regeneration attempting to repair him after he is heavily injured but going out of control due to the radiation. His atomic breath is incredible, and I believe truly unique because this is one of the only films I can see this vision of the ability working in (EX: It’d be kind of insane if Godzilla fired his breath during a kaiju battle and an atom bomb explosion went off everytime it happened). The way he deploys his atomic breath is also very cool, reminding me of a gun or some other ballistic weapon. His personality is the type I will almost always love the most for the character, that of a vengeful, rage-filled, yet sympathetic beast that knows it is causing destruction. Truly incredible. I also really like the depiction of his preirradiated form, it’s just a plain good design. His roar is my favorite, the way they've altered Ifukube's original sound is terrifying, and I also really liked that the deep-sea fish he drudged up served as a grim sign that he has entered the area, just awesome. My only gripes with this Godzilla are that 1: His feet are a tad too big and 2: He can feel very stiff at certain points.
  3. Legendary -
  4. Vs GRex/Jr. - I really like his design, it's probably tied with Bio and Shoadai for my favorites, as it does something similar to Minus One with updating the Heisei design. On a similar note, yes I'm believing this is Jr even though it isn't officially anounced. Not even Toho could change my mind by now. Overall he feels like a representation of Godzilla as a whole, and feels like a combo between Heisei and Showa's style/personality. His powers and physical moves are just awesome and I have quickly fallen in love with this Godzilla, so I really hope Uenishi can continue the G Fest mini series.
  5. ‘54 - This original design of Godzilla really holds up well and in general his representation as the first appearence of the King of the Monsters is really well done. He has my favorite dorsal plates and his face especially is a strong component, the fangs and ears are very prominent and I prefer it that way. He is like Minus One's Godzilla in that he has my favorite overall depiction of the character: a tragic monster that while sympathetic is out for vengeance and acts as a stand in for a powerful message. The incandecent light is a really cool ability to see in action, even if it would be improved upon overtime. His roar until Minus One's alteration of it was my favorite, there's just something so primal and bloodcurdling about the sound that Ifukube created, it really strikes a chord with me.
  6. Showa - Ranging from destructive brawler to reluctant hero to superzilla, I absolutely love the Showa incarnation. Not all of the designs fully land for me and MusukoGoji is downright hideous, but overall I think he had some great looks throughout the years, with MosuGoji being my favorite and '74 MegaroGoji & KingGoji at a close second and third, respectively. He was almost as much of my childhood as Heisei was and I love the work that Nakajima put into his performances to create a true character out of Godzilla, even if he wasn't in the last few. He can be wacky or destructive and I love that about him, he has some fantastic powers (even if he pulled some of them right out of nowhere like the magnetism), and he probably has one of the most entertaining fighting styles of all the eras. Not as big a fan of his high pitched screech after '55 though, not bad but not nearly as good as some of the others.
  7. GTS -
  8. Millenium -
  9. GMK -
  10. Shin - I enjoy his very unique aspects such as the evloution (which granted us the 13th Wonder of the World, Kamata Kun), his skin texture constantly telling you that he is basically a giant walking tumor, and atomic beams going absolutely everwhere. His atomic breath reveal is a perfectly executed scene and he has such a well-thought out weakness. His Who Will Know theme speaks volumes to how he is tortured and as much of a victim as the people being killed in his rampage. That being said, what I've listed as strengths for him sort of work against him imo. I really appreaciate the unique aspects, but I enjoy many of the other, more traditional incarnations for that reason: they are more traditional than Shin is. He definitely still feels like Godzilla, but I personally prefer the more traditional aspects of the Godzillas listed above.
  11. FW - He has a very classic-looking design, but adapted into a lean, fit, and agile build that flows really cleanly, which is better than some other slimmed down incarnations. His fighting style hearkens back to the Showa era and I really enjoy how he's portrayed, just going through kaiju after kaiju like a hot knife through butter, even if that's an aspect I don't like about the fim itself. He's a solid Godzilla overall, except for his head design when viewed from the side because it may as well be flatter than a pancake and thinner than paper.
  12. Ultima - I really like his design, even if he looks great at some angles then goofy in others. That being said, while I do find the Singular Point story an interesting and unique take on a kaiju narrative, there are some problems I have with this incarnation. First off with positives, him and everything he does just looks plain cool, the “atomic breath” (I’ll get to that in a bit), and whole motif of terraforming the world around him and being a walking apocalypse ending the world is awesome. However, when I describe this Godzilla with out picturing his design…He sounds nothing like Godzilla except giant monster. He’s a multi-dimensional, reality altering apocalypse god, and apart from the symbol of the apocalypse that just doesn’t sound like I’m talking about Godzilla. Hell, his beam apparently isn’t even atomic breath, it’s a “CTC (Closed Timelike Curve) molecular laser which converges and strengthens multiple beams from the future.” Cool sounding…but like why for Godzilla tho? The not so subtle taking from of Shin Godzilla doesn’t help either. It’s not too present and the story does enough new with it so that I’m not really mad about but it’s kind of like, “Wow, wonder where that idea came from”. One thing I will say: For what ever reason, I really, really like Terrestris’s design and regeneration/blood powers.
  13. Kiryu Saga - Kind of a nothing burger compared to the other Godzilla incarnations for me. He has a really good design, but despite definitely being cool he's kind of...generic? Lack luster? I dunno, a good way I can think to describe it is that I’m more passionate about Kiryu in these movies. He does have a good mix of ranged and physical moves in his fighting style however, and I think he carries the Millennium era's tradition of a great balance between the two in fights.
  14. Anime Trilogy -
  15. Hanna Barbera - I generally dislike his roars and the fact that he has laser eyes and breathes fire. Godzooky is getting tacked onto him as well. I hate Godzooky.
  16. ‘98 - Nothing more than a scared animal that dies to a small amount of conventional weaponry and the result of a dispassionate director, I find it hard to call this thing Godzilla.
  1. Showa - I like this one's personality and classic design, and her effects have yet to be topped with the exception of Tokyo SOS. Her Shobijin also perform my second favorite rendition of the Mothra Song. However, her growth is halted after her first appearence, meaning she is a worm for the vast majority of her screen time.
  2. Millennium(SOS&FW) - SOS has the best effects on Mothra since Mothra vs. Godzilla, and I like this design better than every other Mothra besides the Showa version. However, the film sets up this really interesting plot point with Mothra's character regrading Kiryu that is just kind of forgotten about by the time the battle begins. FW is essentially just SOS Mothra but less.
  3. RoM (Leo) - My third favorite design, plus the ridiculous amount of forms and powers Mothra just kind of pulls out of nowhere just cause is a true spectacle to behold.
  4. Heisei - I like her design, although her flight his very stiff, a common problem among the flying Heisei monsters, and she looks a bit like an oversized toy. She has cool powers, I find her dynamic with Battra interesting (even if cliche), and she has my favorite rendition of the Mothra song.
  5. GMK - I'm not a big fan of the hornet-like design, but she saved a pupper and her sacrifice for Ghidorah was pretty cool, since that was the first film where I actively wanted Godzilla's opponents to win.
  6. MV - I think her design works well with the MV, but I'm a bigger fan of the classic Toho look. I think the symbiyosis with Godzilla was a cool and rather inventive addition (even if their complete allying led to some...consequences...). I enjoyed her aesthetic of shifting colors and God Rays were pretty, but I wish she felt like less of a plot device as she barely feels like she has any kind of character. There's glimpses here and there of something more, but I hope that she is at least somewhat expanded upon in GxK now that she appears to have a group of followers like she did in Showa the Toho films.
  7. Anime Trilogy - She appears as a sillouette that only looks like a generic moth, but I really like her role in the prequal novels. As usual, the Trilogy has wasted potential aplenty.
Rodan - If I'm gonna be real, many of the other Rodan incarnations after the first aren't very good to me.
  1. '56 - I like his design the best by a LONG shot (especially the face), his roars are the best, and his story in the film is tragic.
  2. Heisei - This is probably my second to least favorite design (I don't know exactly why, maybe the face) and I dislike that he has an energy beam, but I enjoy his dynamic with BabyG, and his sacrifice for Godzilla was a cool moment.
  3. Showa - He's a part of my childhood and apart from the ridiculously goofy face the design is solid, plus his personality has some good moments in the times he appears on screen.
  4. MV - I like his design, things like the rock armor, and the fact that he's constantly burning, but his personality is absolutely annihilated into just following whoever's in charge. He does have some, with him being way too aggressive for his own good which isn't bad, but he just becomes another subordinate in the span of 30 seconds. I also feel like he's ever so slightly too bird-like for my taste, and I prefer a Rodan that stands up. Props though, he has one of the best scenes in the film he's in.
  5. FW - He has a better design than the previous three but, as is the case with most of FW's kaiju, he doesn't get enough screen time to really do anything truly great.
  6. SP - His design veers into a little too realistic for me. As a paleo nut, I definitely appreciate that pterosaurs got any sort of appreciation rather than just being the flying pests from King Kong, but this is too far for an already established kaiju, at least in my opinion. I also don't like that there isn't truly a big version of the kaiju. There's the black Rodan, but that came out of literally nowhere and never amounted to anything in the couple of seconds it was present. That being said, the Rodans' furthering of the plot and details on how they operate were very cool to see unfold.
King Ghidorah
  1. Showa - He has my favorite design, powers, and roars. His music is classic and his personality is great! However, it can sort of feel like he isn't as big of a threat as he is played up to be.
  2. MV - One of only two Ghidorahs to truly give off the sense of a planet destroyer, plus I like the small concept of Ghido's heads sharing an overall goal, but having different personalities. The only thing I don't like about him is the fact that the heads look too generic to me.
  3. Heisei - He has my second favorite theme and a solid design. However, I don't like that he's not from space and again his heads are very generic. The only reason he's above GMK and Grand is cause of MechaKG and nostalgia.
  4. GMK - Better design than Heisei, but I again don't like that he's not from space. However, he has my favorite Ghid theme and has some cool powers. I also prefer Ghid as a villain, but him being a guardian worked this once.
  5. Grand - He's essentially just amped up Heisei with a less generic horn and face design. Also very evil. Again, he's only lower than Heisei because of MechaKG and I like the GMK design better than either one.
  6. Anime Trilogy - This could've been so cool. His numerous introduction scenes leading to his battle against Earth are excellent and took me by surprise for a series of movies I had hated up to this point. The eldritch direction and selling Ghidorah as a planet genocide space horror was the best representation of the character as a planet killer thus far...until the battle which ends up just being three noodles latching onto Godzilla, lifting him three feet in the air, and then dying immediately when Metphies loses to Haruo's edginess, thus ensuring that I would never in a million years believe something like Rebirth could have come from the same director.
  1. Showa - My favorite because his design simply works the best, he has the best theme music, and all of the weapons in his arsenal and counters for oncoming kaiju attacks are a true spectacle to behold.
  2. Kiryu - His origin is the best of the MechaGs and actually gives an in-universe reason for a Mecha kaiju to even exist (which isn't a con on the other MGs, but it does serve as a bonus when there is a reason imo), plus I love his look and weapons. The ghost Godzilla taking control of him is also awesome. However, he's really underwhelming without the back unit and just looks half-complete for about half of his fight in Against MechaG.
  3. Heisei - I'm not a big fan of the design, as it's a bit too bulky for me, but I think his diamond coating is unique and the way he was able to overpower Godzilla was the first time I was ever truly worried for the Gman's life (This was probably one of the first ten or so G films I saw).
  4. MV - This incarnation is kinda "eh" for me. I don't think it's god-awful and the hands are interesting but I don't like his face or the way his limbs are proportioned to his body. EDIT: This incarnation has actually really grown on me! As far as weapons go, he has a lot less than previous incarnations but still has a fair few, a lot of which are physical and have an industrial theme to them, which I enjoy.
  5. RPO - He's got a great design imo and I like the atomic flamethrower but his weapons are just lacking compared to his counterparts.
  6. Anime Trilogy - Basically doesn't exist, and the only way I would ever think it is MechaG is because the film said so.

Extended Thoughts on Legendary Gman & a Bit on the MV Itself

Now that his new design has been revealed I figured I’d give my thoughts on MV’s Godzilla’s changes over the years since, while I saw Vs. King Ghidorah, GTS, and Final Wars before the 2014 film, I’m still relatively young and, for all intents and purposes, this has sort of been “my” Godzilla. He’s the one I got super excited to see trailers of, he’s the one that I looked forward to seeing again after ‘14 and KSI and even after Kotm and GvK, and although I haven’t exactly been fond of just how far the MV has deviated, I have still loved this incarnation.

(These are all my opinions of course, if yours differ that’s fine and I respect your thoughts and feelings)

To put it simply: 2014 was the best incarnation thus far, he certainly stands out the most as his own character while still feeling like Godzilla. His design, roars, behavior, and (presented) backstory are all great, and the small touches the filmmakers add to flesh out his personality while not fully anthropomorphizing him works great. Then there’s KotM, which brought some traits I both do and don’t like. Positives first: I like his blue glow and greater use of the atomic breath, I’ve seen people complain about those aspects but I think the glow both looks cool and is creative as an intimidation display, and I’m fine with more use of his beam because he’s still a very physical fighter, he’s fighting stronger opponents, and the increase in frequency can be canonically explained away with the MUTOs messing with his weapons, which adds more to them. They’ve also made his head a tad larger, which I don't think is a bad thing even if his head size was good originally, and the adaptation of the pulse was a cool power. I don’t really mind the sharper claws, I don’t think it was necessary but it doesn’t bug me. As far as negatives go: I really don’t like the broader shoulders, they look alright in some shots, and in others look stiff and almost out of place to me, and I think the shortening of his whip tail was just quite the bad decision. I also don't like that he started having other roars mixed in with his, it's not the worst thing in the world but I preferred it when he completely had his own sounds, as it just feels like unnecessary fan-service. However, most egregious to me are his dorsal plates: I really don’t like the change from the natural looking dorsals that fit his whole vibe to the fan-service ones. I feel like it’s cool that each Godzilla has his own dorsals, even if some are closer to each other than others, and GareGoji’s were super recognizable. Something I'll note is despite my gripes with the changes made, it's still a really good design and one of my favorites. As far as his personality, he feels mostly the same so I don’t really have much to say about this right now, and in the end I feel like the only changes that should have been made design-wise are making his head bigger and then keeping his dorsals, just make them taller. Then GvK came along, which I have mixed feelings about, I enjoy the Showa aspects but in the end I know that I would have far preferred sticking with KSI and ‘14’s general vibes, even KotM mostly upheld that. Godzilla’s design is the same as the last movie, so nothing to say there and I'm glad they didn't increase his head size any more cause it's fine the way it is, but I do have a problem with his personality here. I’m fine with them giving Godzilla a personality at all, I prefer it that way, but I just don’t see the Goji from 2014 or 2019 or even Dominion acting like he does here, some a hole who's toying around and wasting time and energy to mess with some poor other kaiju doing no harm while a massive threat of his supposed greatest rival looms. I also think the atomic breath spam got a little much here, but he’s again still very physical so it’s not as big a deal as it could have been. This film also introduced both the Hollow Earth and the idea of a Godzilla-Kong species war. As far as the Hollow Earth goes, I don’t mind it, I don’t hate it. I just don’t think it’s the greatest thing in the world and especially with the footage of GxK revealed it really feels like the monsters shrink when they’re in there because even all of the land formations are absolutely massive. I’m also not the biggest fan of kaiju being part of species. I can appreciate the idea there and I think it really works well for something like the MUTOs, but other than those guys it degrades the concept that the kaiju are unique characters, which is why I hope something like Godzilla being the only member of his species with atomic breath is true because otherwise, the only unique trait he has is just something along the lines of “he’s da stronkest” or “he was lucky enough not to get impregnated or his teeth knocked in by a monkey when he was younger”. I also don’t like the way he runs in GvK. Now, for GxK, he is full on human sprinting and is again feeling distanced from what I’ve grown accustomed to, but this time it feels like he’s actually being a planet defender so hopefully his personality is more in line this time. As far as design changes go…I’m going to hope Evolved is a temporary power up to Godzilla. If so, great, apart from proportions RedskyGoji works quite well. Assuming this, I love the pink glow and fleshy look to his molting dorsals, even better than the red seen in the toys and Heisei Red Spiral Ray, and his generally over the top spikey feel. If it is just how he looks now, it’s far too much for me. I also am not a fan of them slimming him down, the shots of him rising from the ice look normal but in the final running shots with Kong he almost looks like a clay figure someone was holding too tight so the sides have squashed inwards to unnatural levels. In the end, I hope the MV can start returning at least somewhat back to its roots (as weird as that is to say about the MV even now), as while the Showa stuff can get me hyped initially and brings a joy to my soul, I cannot imagine the greatness that would come from a return to tone.

Revised Thoughts On The MV Post-GxK


As grouchy as you were, you were a real one Scylla, you deserved more respect (*> n <*)¯/
Gone too soon, you also deserved far more respect than what you got (TnT)¯/


Ultimate Anti-Kaiju Kaiju Weapon

Weaponizied Absolute Rotating A-74 Super Special Mega High Power Neo Uni Convergent Laminated Heat-Resistant Titanium Coated Multipurpose Interlocking Triple Twin Hyper Spiral SpaceGodzilla High Grade Desto Particle Diffusing-Type Ω (Blackhole ver)™

Math Checks Out

Skar King and Shimo are red and blue herrings, respectively. The real colossal, unidentified threat is La Carcagne. But it's in the MV now, so we need to do the math.

Showa Goji was the most recent Godzilla around The Giant Claw's time, and he was 50 meters (164ft) and La Carcagne's wingspan was 600ft. If we generalize Showa's size to 150ft, that's a ratio of 1/4. Legendary Goji (rounded) is 400ft, which is (rounded) ~3 times as large. Carrying over the same proportions from the previous incarnations, if we multiply 600 by 3, it's 1800ft. Using this same Logic for the height, it goes from 200 to 600ft tall.

This means that La Carcagne will be approximately 600ft tall and have an approximate wingspan of 1800ft! I think Earth and all its creatures are doomed.

But then again......The Giant Claw was an American movie....

If we use the King Kong theorem, Kong's original American height was a mere 50ft. That's a ratio of 12 compared to the bird's. A slight leap, but with heavy approximation MV King Kong's height is about 350, which should lead to multiplying La Carcagne's height and wingspan by 7. This means that La Carcagne will be around 1,400ft tall and have an approximate wingspan of 4,200ft!!! (427 meters tall w/ 1280 meter wingspan) Dear God.....

Yes, this was a completely coherent train of thought, why do you ask?

Favorite Piece of Merch (I will never have it though)


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Don't do it

* - for using symbols while negating their function, look at source




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