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Alternate names Kaleb (real name)
Species Human
Age 13
Allies Everyone!
Enemies Parrot Frog, Chibi Godzilla, anybody who's mean.
Conceived of by My parents, I guess?
First appearance Minecraft: Bedrock Edition
Latest appearance Wikizilla
They are not broken. We can no longer be
thrown out

— Cyn from Murder Drones Episode 5

ThatOneKaijuFan2011 is a Wikizilla User who joined in 2024. This user makes edits every now-and-then, but mostly likes to get involved with the community!

Background Information

I first became a Godzilla fan back in early 2023 after learning about it from a friend from school. Me and my friend played Kaiju Universe on Roblox, but after a while, I expanded into more of the Godzilla franchise. Besides Godzilla, I like many other things. I especially like Murder Drones, and how it focuses on good character drama and excellent humor. Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends is my second favorite thing besides Godzilla and Murder Drones. I grew up with Thomas, specifically DvDs of the Classic Era.

Minecraft Beta 1.7.3 Screenshots:

Random Picture Of My House

DeviantArt Plug

I now have a DeviantArt account! I'll post art there every now and then. Here's my account:

The Godzilla And Kaiju Review Series. Every ranking so far:

1: Godzilla (2014): 10/10 (Review comes soon)

2: Godzilla vs. Kong (2021): 10/10 (Review comes soon)

3: Kong: Skull Island (2017): 9/10 (Review comes soon)

4: Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019): 9/10 (Review comes soon)

5: Shin Godzilla (2016): 8/10

Small note: These rankings may change after I rewatch them.

BaragonwaSaikoda's Go Go Godzilland!

BaragonwaSaikoda has a new thing going on that is a remake of Godzilland! Go Go Godzilland is a retelling Get Going! Godzilland! The show will feature numerous Kaiju, new and old! Go check it out: User:BaragonwaSaikoda/Project Kaijutou

MrPenguin's MONARCH -Doomsday-

MrPenguin's MONARCH -Doomsday- is a fan-made Godzilla series based around the Monsterverse! Go check it out here: Forum - MONARCH -Doomsday- (

Monsterverse: Aftershock

Monsterverse: Aftershock is my fan-made continuation of the Monsterverse after Godzilla Vs. Kong. In this fan-made continuation, Godzilla, Kong, and other Titans face many dangerous threats and explore the world! I only have the first season being done, but more are coming soon! Check out Season 1 here: Special:WikiForum/Monsterverse: Aftershock Season 1

My Sandboxes

User:ThatOneKaijuFan2011/Sandbox/Godzilla (Vrahno) (DO NOT RELEASE THIS, IT IS FOR FUN AND TESTING OUT SANDBOXES)

User:ThatOneKaijuFan2011/Sandbox/King Kong Vs. Godzilla: When Worlds Collide

User:ThatOneKaijuFan2011/Sandbox/Ginza District

Top Six Favorite Kaiju:

#1: Little Pupper Baragon! (tied with King Ghidorah)

#2: Super Space Dragon King Ghidorah! (Tied with Baragon)

#3: Big ol' King Kong!

#4: Kentucky Fried Rodan!

#5: The King Of Monsters, Godzilla!

#6: Mechanical Monster Mechagodzilla!

How To Make Funny Colored Comments

Do this but put {{ before it and }} after it: G-font|color=Put a color from Wikizilla| Put your text here |padding-left=5px

Thanks Keeri'ijra for discovering this!


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