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Alternate names MrEbirah, MrManda, Kaiju nerd, godzillameg100
Species Penguin
Jobs Rancor Handler, Editor
Place(s) of emergence Antarctica
Allies My friends
Enemies Boss Baby, Nathan Pickles, Doctor Babble, Manny, Tinkles, Closers (Papa Louie series), Toy Story 4, Human Puppets (formerly)
Designed by Mother Nature
First appearance Earth
snailicorns are the best

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Bandai America


Jakks Pacific

Jada Toys


Funko Pop!



S.H. MonsterArts

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Inspirational Quotes

Nibutani is kinda hot
fuse had made pogo into jail

— pogo the oddbod on the oddbods wiki


— Newtpink on the oddbods wiki


Controversial Opinions

  • The Strongest Battlegrounds is alright.
    • Same thing applies to Blox Fruits
  • Old Roblox was not better.

Random Facts About Me

  • I know a lot about Chuck E. Cheese
  • I like Frutiger Aero
  • Fan of animation (Pixar and DreamWorks)
  • Hot Wheels collector
  • Fan of cryptozoology and mythology, biology and speculative evolution
  • Jurassic Park and Star Wars are my other favorite movie franchises
  • Former Roblox myth hunter

Random stuff with my figures

My Liminal Photo collection

Douglas the Magma Turtle memorial

My custom Titans / Superspecies

  • calcis eel: a long 60 ft long lime eel which usually lives near the oceans of skull island. the eel eats humans, many types of marine life and shocker squids. in the hollow earth it grows to sizes of 1500 feet long.
  • goliath saxum whale, a carnivorous whale that resembles a liopluerodon, which lives in the hollow earth oceans and hunts down mire squids, aka the predators of the saxum whale. the whale may live in the deep waters or near a shoreline. the whale measures around 210 feet long.
  • soil mole, a creature residing in rich soil or dirt in the hollow earth. they often live in herds of up to 20 - 30. The soil moles often migrate every fall and return in the spring. the appearance of the soil mole is similar to that of dicynodonts, more specifically the placerias and about 30 - 50 feet long. their natural predators include: snarehunters, giant hawk (or the peregrine hawk) , wart dogs, death jackals and skullcrawlers. they feed on axis mundi butterflies and lush plants.
  • shore puffin: a 30 foot tall puffin hesperornis hybrid that lives near hollow earth beaches and shores. they have behavior similar to that of penguins, the female nests while the male brings rocks. the shore puffins natural predators are: mire squids, shocker squid and murderfish. the shore puffins prey on: rock bugs, fish, humans, mantleclaws and trapdoor crabs. shore puffins are known to be very social.
  • melon trap: a 150 foot carnivorous plant that dwells in the hollow earth, mainly in jungles. when threatened or an organism is near, it quickly lunges at the prey and eats it. it has a appearance similar to that of watermelons, with a green color with dark green stripes and it's gums are a reddish color while it's teeth are black pointy seeds. the melon traps natural predators are creatures bigger than it. the melon traps prey on: anything smaller than it, such as the parrot frog or mother longlegs. the melon traps are mainly isolated from other melon traps, though are able to be socialize with other melon traps.

Summarizing Wikizilla users

  • godrizza: has a world record of mewing streaks (1086) and makes crude comments and is apparently jewish
  • cohozilla: splatoon player who lives in our walls
  • baragonwasaikoda: adores baragon and godzilland. very good artist
  • URADCY: gorgo fan, preserves comments and the most random guy
  • mechzilla74: a user who likes to draw and make mini movies
  • TOKF2011: a user who currently has a fan made story going on
  • keeri'ijira: likes gigan, has 3 copies of G:FW and is quite smart.
  • mechanikongzilla: has a TON of evidence, making him the most reliable person on the wiki.

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