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Name information
Alternate names Coho, Cohoziller
Subtitle(s) King of Minor Edits,
World's Best Time Waster,
So-Called Otherworldy Being
Physical information
Species Human (I think...?); Looking to become a cephalopod in 12,000 years
Born June 1
Affiliation information
Allies Godzilla the brave, Where'stheweed455, Keeri'ijra, MechZilla74, Spino809, Kumongus, Astounding Beyond Belief, MrPenguin, Titanozilla2023, Giragoji, Ultraman rides a dragon cuz yes, JohnGojira, MechaniKongZilla, スペースゴジラ, Scifogon, AngiraBlu, ThatOneKaijuFan2011 (formerly ThatOneKaijuFan), SkullIsland, Godrizza draws (formerly Godrizza), EatenByShark6837isCool, BaragonwaSaikoda, Ani Mate, the One-Headed Human, Titanollante, Dripnautilus2, Devilking4441, ToastGaming2023, Shenanigans, Mech Anguirus, Harryhenry, kameobasmoment, Williamaftonridinggodzilla, Godzilla Stan 54, OaxiKaiju
Enemies People who hate on something without actually knowing anything about what they're hating on; Japanese-exclusive events (I'm looking at YOU, Splatoon); Sockpuppet users
Other information
First appearance Wikizilla, 2023
Latest appearance Inside your walls
Well, well. Such dedication to your work. I think you've earned yourself a break.
Now come here...

— Mr. Grizz (Splatoon 3)

Heyo, everyone! I'm Cohozilla(コホジラ). Thanks for coming to my user page!


My origin as a Godzilla fan actually has an interesting beginning (most of which is already detailed as a comment on the GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters page), but it started with the summer of 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. I was just sitting at home, with nothing to do, when my dad suggested this anime for me to watch. At the time, I was hesitant to enter any new fanbases, as I had heard about how toxic some are and I was perfectly fine being a Pokémon and Splatoon fan. However, after I watched the Netflix trilogy, I began to look up what Godzilla was, and boy, let me say that I was blown away by how much history and depth this franchise has. When I stumbled upon Singular Point the next summer, I watched that too, and the rest is history.

I would end up stumbling across this site in the beginning of 2023, and I have been a semi-active contributor since.

I'm a dude, btw.


For those who are wondering, my username stems from two creatures - Godzilla (obviously) and the Cohozuna, a King Salmonid from Splatoon 3.


Proudest Contributions

Favorite Kaiju & Designs

Organized by order of appearance.

Showa era

Heisei era

Millennium era

Reiwa era



Merch I Own




Random Image Gallery

My Custom Superspecies and Titans

Ales messoremus (Netherwing)

The Netherwing is a superspecies that is around 5 feet in length and 3 feet tall upon hatching, with wingspans averaging around 10 feet. However, there have been a handful of reports detailing individuals reaching Titan-size, with wingspans rivaling those of even Rodan and Mothra. These beasts are known to inhabit the volcanic regions of the Hollow Earth, and have been sighted by Monarch in volcanic craters on the surface, with a small population found within El Nido del Demonio - Rodan's original volcano. They resemble winged dragons, with glowing red eyes and sharp talons. Most are dark brown to match their volcanic environment, though a handful of individuals have been sighted as blood red or even gold. Netherwings will gladly feed on any flesh they come across, and have been seen working in packs to take down their prey.

During the events of 2019, following Rodan's emergence, the young Netherwings living on Isla de Mara escaped the volcano and ventured into the town at its base, where a brief, bloody skirmish with G-Team forced them back. Within the confines of the Hollow Earth, they actively compete with Warbats over territory. The younger Netherwings have been known to crawl down their enemies' throats while they are asleep and lash at their insides while larger adults assault the unfortunate Warbat from the outside. Their scaly hide is impervious to firepower, though ancient paintings depict Nightwings being felled by a sword to the neck or chest, and curious troops have humorously discovered that they are repulsed by the smell of spray deodorant. Because of this, those entering volcanic regions within the Hollow Earth are encouraged to carry a katana and at least 5 cans of AXE body spray.

Perhaps their most disturbing feature is how they grow - whenever a Netherwing kills a living creature when it does not need to (meaning not to sustain itself), it grows in size. Monarch knows of this due to an attack by a Netherwing in 2007 at an outpost in Hawaii. When it was first sighted the beast was relatively small, around 15 feet long and 5 feet tall; when it was finally killed 2 hours later, it was nearly twice that size. Monarch cryptobiologists theorize that this is to allow for dominance in mating or establishing territory, though multiple large Netherwings of the same gender have been seen peacefully coexisting. Some theorize that the sudden growth is due to adrenaline and bloodlust encouraging the production of growth hormones; others claim that the Netherwing devours its victims' souls.

Titanus Hypnos

A beast hailing from the Grecian peninsula, Titanus Hypnos has been extremely hard to document due to its hypnotic abilities - he produces pheromones that induce drowsiness and fatigue in any creature, and bypasses the most effective of gas masks, preventing eyewitness accounts. The pheromones even have an influence on technology, causing cameras to malfunction and computers to crash until he passes, at which they return to normal. Monarch resorted to using satellite imagery to capture the first image of this Titan, and it revealed a rather peculiar creature.

A massive ursine beast around 60 meters tall when in a quadrupedal stance, Hypnos has layers of swirling black and white fur, which aids him in hypnotizing any creatures not influenced by its pheromones. He possesses a tapir-like nose, and paws and a tail similar to tigers, leading many to correlate the Titan with the Japanese yōkai Baku, the dream eater. When passing by a human settlement or groups of animals, Hypnos calmly observes them before moving on, displaying an interesting level of curiosity, similar to a child at the zoo. He is also attracted to light and bright objects, best displayed when Hypnos allegedly made off with a mountain temple's bell at sunrise, leaving the priests utterly perplexed as to how a 2-ton bell seemingly vanished into thin air.

His domain reaches over the entirety of the European mainland, being tracked as far as Siberia, and makes his home in the Grotte de Niaux in France, opening the mouth of the cave with every visit. Not much is known about Hypnos's history, but it is known that he did not respond to Ghidorah's call to arms in 2019, nor Godzilla's subsequent call to rest. Curiously, Godzilla has not made any effort to convince Hypnos to submit or rest, perhaps due to the latter Titan's calm demeanor. Hypnos has made no effort to seek out sources of radiation, and no Titan has approached it, leading many of Monarch's top cryptozoologists and historians questioning Hypnos's place in the natural order, as well as any motives behind his sleepy, relaxed complexion.

Titanus Cipactli

While many Titans have left their mark on the world - Shimo beginning the Last Ice Age, Monster Zero's takeover of the Titans - Monarch has recently discovered a Titan that may have caused one of the biggest extinction events in prehistory - the K-T Extinction, which wiped out the dinosaurs and made the massive 200 kilometer-wide Chicxulub crater on the Yucatan peninsula. While the original meteor was 6 miles (10 kilometers) wide, a fragment of the meteor located on the Mexican coast is far smaller - roughly 800 meters (2625 feet).

Through thermal imagery, Monarch scientists caught the first glimpse of what may be the first alien Titan since King Ghidorah. Inside the meteor, a beast nearly the size of Shimo slumbers, with a crocodilian build and fishlike fins running down its side. Like Ghidorah and Tiamat before it, Cipactli possesses the ability to create its own storm system, this time by releasing vast quantities of superheated steam from its mouth. Each of its four webbed hands seem to possess its own oral cavity, aiding in grip during combat, and even leading to its stomach. This Titan, like the Skullcrawlers that plagued Skull Island, seemed to enjoy taking bites out of its opponents as it fought.

History has shown Cipactli to be an extremely aggressive Titan, being recorded to have fought alongside Titanus Camazotz against Titanus Quetzalcoatl and an unidentified mammalian Titan by the ancient Aztecs before the latter was ripped apart by Cipactli. It took the intervention of Godzilla to save Quetzalcoatl and convince the crocodilian and bat Titans to stand down. In the modern age, Cipactli appears to respond to Godzilla's movements - when Godzilla is close, its radiation signature sharply dips, as if it is avoiding detection - or perhaps a fight. During Godzilla's crusade into the Hollow Earth, however, it appeared as if the Titan would awaken and return to its destructive ways, though it went almost silent when Godzilla reemerged in Rio. Monarch hopes that another threat does not appear in the Hollow Earth and attract Godzilla's attention, or Cipactli may emerge and threaten the world once more.

Wikizilla's Hunger Games

Note: Results will be uploaded sometime every Friday (When I have time)


Admin shoots an arrow into Godrizza's head.

Wikiteq, Cohozilla, and MrPenguin work together to get as many supplies as possible.

Titanozilla2023 kills Titanollante for supplies.

MechZilla74, N*gga11, UltraGoji, and ThatOneKaijuFan form a suicide pact, killing themselves.

Zilla not deserve hate takes a spear from inside the cornucopia.

Keeri'ijra clutches a first aid kit and runs away.

BaragonwaSaikoda runs into the cornucopia and hides.

Ultraman rides a dragon cuz yes snatches a pair of sais.

Day 1

MrPenguin explores the arena.

Admin dies trying to escape the arena.

Ultraman rides a dragon cuz yes receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor.

BaragonwaSaikoda, Titanozilla2023, Cohozilla, and Wikiteq hunt for other tributes.

Zilla not deserve hate sets Keeri'ijra on fire with a molotov.

Night 1

Zilla not deserve hate tends to his wounds.

MrPenguin stabs Wikiteq while his back is turned.

Cohozilla kills BaragonwaSaikoda with a sickle.

Titanozilla2023 and Ultraman rides a dragon cuz yes hold hands.

Day 2

Titanozilla2023 convinces Cohozilla to not kill him, only to kill him instead.

MrPenguin makes a wooden spear.

Zilla not deserve hate sees smoke rising in the distance, but decides not to investigate.

Ultraman rides a dragon cuz yes camouflages himself in the bushes.

Night 2

Titanozilla2023 sets up camp for the night.

MrPenguin cooks his food before putting his fire out.

Ultraman rides a dragon cuz yes and Zilla not deserve hate hold hands.

Day 3

Ultraman rides a dragon cuz yes searches for a water source.

Titanozilla2023 questions his sanity.

Zilla not deserve hate receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor.

MrPenguin receives medical supplies from an unknown sponsor.

Night 3

Zilla not deserve hate kills Titanozilla2023 while he is sleeping.

MrPenguin and Ultraman rides a dragon cuz yes huddle for warmth.


MrPenguin stuffs a bundle of dry clothing into a backpack before sprinting away.

Ultraman rides a dragon cuz yes kills Zilla not deserve hate with a sickle.

Day 4

MrPenguin tends to Ultraman rides a dragon cuz yes's wounds.

Night 4

MrPenguin cries himself to sleep.

Ultraman rides a dragon cuz yes is awoken by nightmares.

Day 5

Ultraman rides a dragon cuz yes discovers a cave.

MrPenguin goes hunting.

Night 5

Ultraman rides a dragon cuz yes convinces MrPenguin to snuggle with him.

Day 6

MrPenguin tends to Ultraman rides a dragon cuz yes's wounds.

Night 6

MrPenguin is awoken by nightmares.

Ultraman rides a dragon cuz yes cries himself to sleep.

Day 7

MrPenguin shoots an arrow into Ultraman rides a dragon cuz yes's head.

Winner: MrPenguin!

Hunger Games Leaderboard

Note: Kaiju and other invited competitors added by players are not registered.

  1. Godrizza (2 wins)
  2. MechZilla74 (1 win)
  3. Keeri'ijra (1 win)
  4. BaragonwaSaikoda (1 win)
  5. Cohozilla (1 win)
  6. MrPenguin (1 win)

Cohozilla's Random Factoids

  • You are more likely to be killed riding a donkey than in a plane crash.
  • There is a region in the southwestern United States that has a community that speaks 16th-century Spanish.
  • Godzilla has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but Kong doesn't.
  • If the Sun was to explode, it would take those on Earth 8 minutes to realize it.
  • Van Gogh's Starry Night was based on his view from an asylum.
  • A banana is a berry, yet strawberries are not.
  • The earth and stone excavated to build the Panama Canal was enough to construct a replica of the Great Wall of China from San Francisco to New York.
  • The world of Splatoon started when, according to The Art of Splatoon, during a world war, some idiot decided it would be a good idea to nuke the South Pole. The melting ice caps, along with the subsequent shockwave, caused a sudden and dramatic rise in sea level, drowning the majority of humanity.

My Potentially Controversial Opinions

  • I like Kaiju Universe. (I used to main T-Rodan and Ultima. Don't judge.) Also, if you were a role-player, I'm not sorry for what I did.
  • I'm pro-MothZilla. Hear me out. As a couple I'm fine; the millisecond it gets fruity, hand me a double barrel shotgun. Also, it's just for the Monsterverse; any other era is cringe.
  • I think the Monsterverse is cool. That's not saying it's better than every other era in every way, I just think it's neat.


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