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Lance Corporal.jpg I am a patroller on Wikizilla.

Don't be afraid to leave a message on my talk page and ask me if you have any problems, questions, or if you spot anything bad.

Hello! I am Shenanigans, a longtime lurker who finally got off his butt to help out in 2023. My primary contributions to Wikizilla have been filling out, adding pictures to, and editing the "comics" sections of the majority of the Toho kaiju (still a work-in-progress; see "Current Projects"), as well as the "comics" sections of the Shobijin and all the Toho aliens. Feel free to check them out! I also aim to add more Gamera content, especially where non-film media is concerned.

About Me

For as long as I can remember I've been fascinated with Godzilla thanks to my dad's VHS tapes, and that interest gradually expanded into a similar obsession with Gamera, King Kong, Pacific Rim, a bit of Ultraman, and much more in the decades that followed. At some point I became primarily interested in documenting non-film media, notably comics as well as video games and manga. I honestly don't know when the fixation with the comics started, but it should go without saying given my focus on filling out various "comics" sections here that I'm a pretty big fan of IDW's Godzilla run.

I've also amassed a sizeable kaiju toy collection, which includes nearly all of Bandai's large-scale figures & Movie Monster Series figures, as well as most S.H. Monsterarts, Trendmasters, and Gashapon toys. I even have a few prototypes, a Legion Soldier prop from Gamera 2 (1996), and a few props from Pacific Rim (2013)!

Ongoing Projects

Updated April 11 2024

Monster comic bios to be cleaned up

Alien/Races/Misc. pages to be cleaned up

Mostly just adding images/merch/info on non-film appearances etc.

Character pages to be cleaned up

Gamera Projects

Planning on adding most of the manga at some point, including all the 90's adaptations of the Showa films, which I already started with Gamera the Giant Monster 1: Gamera. I also hope to add more about all of the original Gamera manga, as there's only six of them out there. If you're reading this and you own or have read any Gamera manga that aren't already on the site, please contact me, as I'm going to be trying to fill them out as best I can despite not owning any of them. I also intend on adding more info about Gamera video games.

Current Sandboxes

Please feel free to add to these!

Pages I created/rewrote

(Not a complete list; I omitted several comic pages and whatnot to focus on the pages I actually created or completely rewrote.)