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Shin evangelion
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Other information

I have Many Favorite Movies Such as, Monster Hunter,Godzilla Vs Biollante,Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla(74),Godzilla vs Megalon,Attack on titan(live action) parts 1 and 2,Shin Godzilla


Mainly The Ultra series, Mazinger series, Gaiking series, Gaogaigar,and the original G1 Transformers series Seasons 1-2, Attack on Titan series,SSSS.Gridman series,Ultraman Anime,Godzilla Singular Point (soon to watch it in april),SuperHuman Samurai Syber Squad


My Fav Artists are Akira Ifukube,and Shiro Sagisu


My Fav Books are, The Completed Ultraman Tiga Darkhorse comics, Ultraman Marvel Comics,Godzilla ongoing complete series, Godzilla Ruler of Earth Volume 1-2

Video games

ok i know this might be really kiddy of me to say but,

Digimon World Dawn Pokemon red/blue,Diamond and Pearl,Soulsilver,OmegaRuby,Ultra-sun Metroid Samus returns Godzilla-Ps4 Smash bros brawl and 3ds Alien vs Predator Xbox 360 Godzilla Daikaiju Battle Royal (i havent updated flash and never will)


well my Fav foods are Alfredo,Burgers,Burritos,Sushi,Hibachi,Ice cream.


Water and any coke or pepsi or Royal cola products