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Hello, I am GojiraLordOfKaiju (Goji or Kaiju Lord for short) I am a big fan of kaiju, superheroes and games. I love to make fan kaiju. My favourite so far is the one below, Barkilla.

[[File:Barkilla Monster copyright Icon.jpeg|40px|Barkilla/ GojiraLordOfKaiju trademark icon]]
Barkilla/ GojiraLordOfKaiju
Barkilla Is Awesome
Alternate names Barky, NotZilla, Goji, KaijuLord
Subtitle(s) Lord Of Flame
Species Ancient Fire god, formerly Snake
Height 119.5 meters
Length 241 meters
Weight 60,000 ton
Forms Complete Chaos Barkilla, GojiraLordOfKaiju
Controlled by The Master
Relations Harkijuno, the lava deity ( Mate ), Thunderookillunok (Creator), Manda (Close relative)
Allies Godzilla, Mothra, Anguirus
Enemies Kujirunok, Thunderai, Allirook, King Ghidorah
Created by GojiraLordOfKaiju
Played by Drawing
First appearance Latest appearance
Fan kaiju Drawing 1 Wikizilla
Design(s) ShodaiBark
More roars

Barkilla ( Barukira ) is a kaiju creature created by GojiraLordOfKaiju as an alternative character to himself.


When an ancient snake fell into a mystical volcano in the Pacific Ocean, It was given godlike powers over flame. 75 million years later, it bonded with GojiraLordOfKaiju as Goji had 1000 similarities with him, but was more kind spirited as he wished to be.


Goji was a normal person until April 2017, when he joined Wikizilla. He loved kaiju and the idea of making his own, so he put to work, creating... BARKILLA, TORKIA, FLORAMU, KUJIRUNOK, THUNDERAI and ALLIROOK, In that order. Goji's favourite Godzilla design was KiryuGoji. So he chose that as his appearance on Wikizilla. Since then he has bonded with Barkilla for the safety of the Godzilla Fandom!

About Me

I've had a love for kaiju since 2014 when I first had an interest in Godzilla (For obvious reasons). I joined this wiki in 2017 when I found that when I looked up "Wikizilla" this new wiki was in there.