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The gateway to anime and gaming worlds (アニメとゲームに入る場所)

— Slogan

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MAZARIA (マザリア,   Mazaria) is a VR arcade opened by Bandai Namco on July 12, 2019 in the Ikebukuro commercial district of Toshima, Tokyo, Japan. It includes a VR Godzilla game entitled Godzilla VR as part of its SF Zone and offered limited edition merchandise beginning November 2 in commemoration of Godzilla Day.[1]

Godzilla VR

Godzilla VR art.jpg
The world is counting on this shot! (この一撃は外せない)

— Tagline

Godzilla VR (ゴジラVR,   Gojira Bui Āru) is a virtual reality attraction based on Shin Godzilla which is available in MAZARIA's SF Zone, alongside Evangelion VR The Throne of Souls: Berserk, Gundam VR Daiba Assault, and VR Swarm Shooting Galaga Fever. The player, a member of a Godzilla Special Attack Force (G.S.A.F) attack helicopter crew, is tasked with taking Godzilla down by launching a blood coagulant missile.



Weapons, vehicles, and races

  • Attack helicopters
  • Blood coagulant missile



In commemoration of Godzilla Day, limited edition merchandise and food was offered at MAZARIA and VR Zone Osaka beginning November 2, 2019.[1] This includes:

Godzilla VR T-Shirt (ゴジラVR Tシャツ)
  • Pixel art T-shirt based on the Godzilla VR game.
  • Available exclusively at MAZARIA.
  • Price: 3,980 yen
Godzilla VR G.S.A.F Pass Case (ゴジラVR ゴジラ特殊攻撃部隊パスケース)
  • Commuter pass container featuring the G.S.A.F emblem from Godzilla VR.
  • Available at MAZARIA and VR Zone Osaka.
  • Price: 1,800 yen
Godzilla VR G.S.A.F Stainless Steel Mug (ゴジラVR ゴジラ特殊攻撃部隊ステンレスマグカップ)
  • Stainless steel coffee mug featuring the G.S.A.F emblem from Godzilla VR. A "Freshly Brewed Troops' Coffee" souvenir set is also available at MAZARIA's Cafe & Bar SPECIAL FLAG.
  • Available at MAZARIA and VR Zone Osaka.
  • Price: 1,650 yen
Collect It! Godzilla Sample (回収せよ! ゴジラサンプル)
  • Fried chicken dusted in bamboo charcoal, resembling a skin sample from Godzilla. Includes special wrapping paper marked with the G.S.A.F. emblem.
  • Available exclusively at MAZARIA.
  • Price: 870 yen
Godzilla Atomic Breath Black Sesame Dandan Noodles (ゴジラ 熱線黒ゴマ担々麺)
  • Black sesame dandan soup with purple noodles, eggplant, and chili oil made to resemble Godzilla's purple atomic breath.
  • Available exclusively at MAZARIA.
  • Price: 1,200 yen


MAZARIA trailer
Godzilla VR trailer

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