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@Users and Admins: Happy New Year!

Summary by SkullIslandExplorer

Happy New Year!

SkullIslandExplorer (talkcontribs)

Happy New Year everybody! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and will have a safe 2020 and beyond!

Koopa (talkcontribs)

And the same to you! Hope it's a great one :)

VaderRaptor (talkcontribs)

So many things to look forward to.

VaderRaptor (talkcontribs)

10 minutes to the new year for me!

VaderRaptor (talkcontribs)

Happy New Year from the East Cost of America!!!!!!!

Kaijuzill (talkcontribs)

happy new year to you too folks.

ShodaiMeesmothLarva (talkcontribs)

Happy New Year from the Philippines! Hoping this decade will be better than the previous one.

JurassicKaiju14 (talkcontribs)

Happy New Year, everyone! (writing this the next morning, it was about eight hours ago for me)

Kaijuzill (talkcontribs)
Kaijuzill (talkcontribs)

Everyone,how about a Wikizilla video playing the montage of Godzilla for the Happy new year.