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How the designs for the unseen Titans could look

LegendaryGoji1954 (talkcontribs)

Several Titans in King of the Monsters weren't shown on-screen, so I decided to pitch some designs based on their origin in mythology.

. Leviathan - A sea serpent with elements of European Conger Eels, sea snakes, kraits, mosasaurs, dragonface pipefish, black dragonfish, and the Piranhadon from King Kong ( 2005 ). . Abaddon - A locust with elements of cockroaches, mosquitoes, and beetles. . Baphomet - A medieval dragon with elements of goats, bats, and stegosaurus-like back plates and tail. . Typhon - A 2-legged red dragon with elements of cobras, centipedes, bipes, and the mythical Lindwyrm. . Yamata no Orochi - An 8-headed worm/snake living inside the same shell/cocoon with elements of tubeworms, Hallcuigenia worms, Japaense snakes, and rattlesnakes. . Sekhmet - A lioness/sphinx with elements of sabretooth tigers, jaguars, rams, and cheetahs. She has golden hair on her neck and back. . Amhuluk - A furry green dragon with hairless legs, a lizard-like face with horns, and spots all over his body. He also has elements of frilled lizards, sailfin lizards, the Krayt dragon from Star Wars, and green basilisk lizards. . Bunyip - A mix of a Tasmanian devil, a platypus, a walrus, a Komodo dragon, and seals with 3 eyes. . Tiamat - A plesiosaur with elements of saltwater crocodiles, piranhas, sea horses, American alligators, whale sharks, and angler fishes. . Quetzalcoatl - A feathered serpent with elements of velociraptors, Archaeopteryx, toucans, and Resplendent quetzals.

Behemoth1999 (talkcontribs)

Okay, these are interesting ideas. I have my own versions.

I like to imagine Sekhmet as a six-legged lioness with brown stripes, a small black mane, and glowing green eyes. The six legs ideas came from me looking at pictures of Rokmutul and it kinda stuck.

Baphomet is just a pure goat creature, with bluish fur, pupiless white eyes, and black vulture wings to fly with.

Bunyip only has one eye, red skin that's like that of an elephant, a platypus like tail, and the head similar to that of a Gorgonopsid.

LegendaryGoji1954 (talkcontribs)

I like these ideas too.

Gorogera (talkcontribs)

Leviathan - Giant plesiosaur-like reptile with clawed flippers.

Amhuluk - Brown wingless dragon with yellow spotted fur.

Baphomet - Black-and-red mixture between a goat and the DRAGMAs.

Sekhmet - Golden winged lion with curved horns.

Yamata no Orochi - A dark purple serpent with eight split-jawed heads.

Typhon - The starfish shown in the X-rays.

Bunyip - An Estemmenosuchus-like protomammal with a specialized flat tail and poison like that of a platypus.

Abaddon - The mysterious insect from bowing scene concept art.

Tiamat - Horned eel with underdeveloped limbs and fire breath.

Quetzalcoatl - Colorful bird/reptile hybrid with wings like a Microraptor and a face like a monitor lizard.

AngiraBlu (talkcontribs)

You guys really put a LOT of thought into the hypothetical designs. Gotta say, I'm impressed! 😳

RexGoji (talkcontribs)

I would see Leviathan as a huge Elasmosaurus-like animal with a neck that takes up most of its body, and because it lives very deep in the ocean it developed bioluminescence similar to Godzilla

RexGoji (talkcontribs)

Bunyip would look like a combination of Ambulocetus, Estemmenosuchus, and a platypus.