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[CLOSED] Temporary opening of the Wikizilla Discord server

Summary by Les


Les (talkcontribs)

We did this once in the past and have been wanting to do another, so today's finally the day! We're temporarily opening up our Discord server which has been otherwise private. You can use it to discuss the movies, post art and memes, and speak with us more directly about improving the website. Please note that we are only accepting people 16 years or older.

Join here while supplies last:

UltraGoji (talkcontribs)

Me: *sees that Wikizilla Discord is open*

Me: “ah cool, I’ll have to hop on there!”

Also me:*sees they’re only accepting people 16 years or older*

Also me: “Well, see you all in 3 years!”

Les (talkcontribs)

Bump IV: The Return of Bump

Titanollante (talkcontribs)