Forbidden Mariko (1985-86)

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Forbidden Mariko
Forbidden Mariko.jpg
Air date November 5, 1985 -
January 28, 1986
Directed by Katsumune Ishida, Tetsutaro Hagiwara, Mio Ezaki, Takeshi 'Ken' Matsumori
Producer(s) Kazu Takeda, Yuzo Higuchi, Masaru Tadakuma
Written by Shoji Imai
Music by Oku Keiichi
Production company Toho, TBS
Channel(s) TBS
Genre(s) Tokusatsu
Episodes 12
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Forbidden Mariko (禁じられたマリコ,   Kinjirareta Mariko) is a Japanese tokusatsu series co-produced by Toho and TBS that aired from November 5, 1985 to January 28, 1986.




  1. "Awesome Girl"
  2. "I'm 17 Years Old i can Fight"
  3. "The Day when Personal Destruction Begins!"
  4. "Can i be Alive"
  5. "Called a Traitor..."
  6. "I won't Forgive you!"
  7. "I can't see Christmas!"
  8. "Another Psychic Girl"
  9. "The Death Lab"
  10. "ESP 2 vs. 1"
  11. "Holy Girl the Last Battle!"




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