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Wiki.png This page serves as a help page for Wiki-related tasks.
Before making changes, make sure they have been agreed upon.

Sandboxes are a kind of page that can be created by any user to draft a new article or experiment with code. In the former case, sandboxes are a collaborative means of ironing out a new page before it is ready for public viewing.

Creating a new sandbox

Sandbox titles are arranged in the format User:USERNAME/Sandbox/TITLE, where USERNAME is the name of the user creating it and TITLE is the sandbox's desired name.

Like any article, sandboxes can be created in several ways; this includes searching the sandbox's full title in the search bar to the top left and pressing "Go", or entering the new page's URL in to your browser's search bar: Alternatively, the box below can be used to create a new sandbox directly. Simply replace "USERNAME" and "TITLE" with your username and the page's title, then click "Create page."

Not all topics are appropriate for inclusion on Wikizilla. Please consider whether the page you are drafting is relevant to the rest of the site. Pages deemed to be outside of the site's scope will be deleted.

Formatting and promotion

As sandboxes are intended to be works in progress, they do not need to be held to as strict standards as already-published pages. However, a sandbox will not be eligible to be promoted until it meets said standards.

Sandboxes should be marked with the {{Sandbox}} banner, seen below. This serves three functions: to clearly establish that the pages are unfinished, to bar them from appearing in search engine results, and to automatically apply the "Sandboxes" category.

MosuGoji sandbox.png This page is a sandbox.
Sandboxed pages are unfinished and not yet approved.
Information found here may be unpolished or unverified.

If you believe that your sandbox is ready to be promoted to a fully-fledged page, please contact a staff member on their talk page for approval. Do not move a sandbox without consulting anyone first, as it will likely be moved back.

Sandboxes in development

Main article: Help:Sandboxes/List.

A list of in-progress sandboxes can be found at the link above. If you create a new sandbox to draft an article, you may add it there for greater visibility, though please note that any such addition is subject to deletion.

Public sandbox

Main article: Wikizilla:Sandbox.

A dedicated sitewide sandbox is hosted at Wikizilla:Sandbox. If for some reason you do not feel it necessary to create your own sandbox, this one can be used for quick experimentation.