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Wiki.png This page serves as a help page for Wiki-related tasks.
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Templates are used on Wikizilla as easy ways to instantly insert a particular set of instructions.

Templates are used by putting their tag at the top of the page, or wherever they are needed. A template's tag is its name in curly braces.

Templates are made simply by creating a page called Template:Name - and whatever is on that page will show up in every instance of the {{Name}} tag on Wikizilla.

Whenever the template is edited, each page that uses that template will change too. If you do not wish to link back to the template page, you can use {{subst templatename}}. Subst simply includes the contents of templatename once.

Any page can be used as a template, by putting a colon (:) at the start of the tag. {{:Skeleturtle}} would show the contents of the Skeleturtle page, though this should never be used under nearly all circumstances. Also, subpages can be linked to directly with a slash (/) at the start of the tag.

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