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Wiki.png This page documents an official Wikizilla policy.
Before making changes, make sure they have been agreed upon.

Wikizilla's username policy is a policy regarding permissible usernames.

What is disallowed

Usernames may not be misleading, offensive, promotional, or disruptive.


Misleading usernames may take the form of impersonating a real life person, claiming affiliation with an organization, or claiming a position of authority on this or any other wiki. Wikizilla has an extension in place which block any name that is too similar to an existing one as an anti-spoofing measure (for example, if a user named "GodzillaFan" already exists, you cannot create an account named "Godzi11aFan"). In general, user names that are similar to that of an existing user are normally reserved only for that specific user and for specific situations, such as the use of an alternate account, bot, or if the user has lost their credentials to access their account.


Usernames containing profanity, either obscured or blatant, are disallowed, as are usernames intended to "attack." Also usernames that use racial slurs, reference hate speech, or refer to hate groups are not allowed.


Wikizilla is not a hosting platform for adverts. Any accounts deemed to be in use as spambots or as promotional accounts will be banned on sight along with the IP Address they have originated from.


Any username not covered by the above criteria but still disruptive.

Blocking policy

As a general rule of thumb, editors blocked for usernames should have the policy politely explained to them and have it requested that they register a different name. They should be blocked with talk page access and account creation enabled.