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Wiki.png This page documents an official Wikizilla policy.
Before making changes, make sure they have been agreed upon.

A protected page is a page that only users with certain rights can edit. Typically the restriction is so only administrators can edit the page.

When is a page protected?

A page can be protected when:

  • An edit war had been taking place there recently.
  • When the page has been targeted for vandalism excessively.
  • When it's an important page, such as the Main Page, template pages, MediaWiki pages, or help pages.

Protected empty pages or redirects

Empty pages can be protected so that no one may attempt to create or recreate them. This might happen after someone tries to create a page multiple times that is not relevant to the site or is vandalism. Pages relevant to upcoming subjects may also be pre-emptively protected to allow Staff members to work on the article without the risk of vandalism or minsinformation. Redirects can also be protected so that no one may try to edit their contents.

Wrongly protected pages

If a regular page is wrongly protected, please report it to an admin.