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Wiki.png This page documents an official Wikizilla policy.
Before making changes, make sure they have been agreed upon.

Vandalism is any edit made in a deliberate attempt to disrupt Wikizilla or harass its users. Vandalism will not be tolerated at all and users who vandalize will be blocked indefinitely immediately.

Common types of vandalism are the addition of obscenities or crude humor, page blanking, and the insertion of nonsense into articles.

Types of Vandalism

  • Content removal: Removing a non-trivial part of a page's content without any reason.
  • Bad content: This includes changing the language of a page (Wikizilla is in English only), inserting stupid crudities or random text into articles. Before you add "lol u suck" to an article, please realize how little of a life you have in order to be vandalizing an internet website for Godzilla.
  • False content: Adding deliberately misinformative information.

Dealing with vandalism

Bureaucrats and administrators will block vandals on sight. Users without tools to block should revert the changes and tell an administrator.

Although it is generally encouraged to Assume Good Faith, most vandalism is extremely blatant and undeserving of such.

When blocking or warning a user, bureaucrats and administrators should show no frustration when doing such.