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Wiki.png This page serves as a help page for Wiki-related tasks.
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Meta keywords are tags embedded in a web page's HTML code which help identify what a page is about and focuses on. Every article page on Wikizilla should have meta keywords.

How to use them

The basic structure of keywords goes like this: <seo metakeywords="tags, go here, separated by commas, CASE Doesnt matter"/>

Meta keywords should be placed at nearly the very bottom of pages, below the Era template but above categories, like this:

<seo metakeywords="{{PAGENAME}}, wikizilla, wiki, godzilla, godzilla wiki"/>
[[Category:Toho Kaiju]]

What to include in meta tags

Most importantly, include the name of the page or what the article is about and any variations. For example, on the Jet Jaguar page, it would be something like: "jet jaguar, wiki, wikizilla, godzilla, jet-jaguar"

Kaiju pages

Most of the time, all that needs to be included in a page is the following code: <seo metakeywords="{{PAGENAME}}, wikizilla, wiki, godzilla, godzilla wiki, kaiju"/>

However, some kaiju, such as Godzilla/2016, need their alternate forms and nicknames to also be included in meta tags. Do to include special characters such as : or , or () in meta tags. Hyphens (-) can be included however.

Movie pages

For movies, include alternate titles for the film and the main monsters that appear in the film. Also include the year of release, as well as everything mentioned above.

Other pages

Base it off the generic <seo metakeywords="{{PAGENAME}}, wikizilla, wiki, godzilla, godzilla wiki"/>. Of course replace "godzilla" with the franchise the topic at hand is from. Use your discretion to come up with appropriate keywords.