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Wiki.png This page documents an official Wikizilla policy.
Before making changes, make sure they have been agreed upon.

Wikizilla's character and vehicle article guidelines are the sole exceptions to the site's policy of inclusionism, designed to prevent an excessive number of articles which would be permanent stubs. They are not absolute laws, but should not be deviated from without a valid rationale.


Who or What Needs an Article

Not every character or vehicle deserves an article. For characters, create pages only for the main protagonists and antagonists of a given work. If a character is not or not very significant in their own film, series, book, comic, or video game, they are not significant here. Vehicles must fall into at least one of three categories:

  1. Fictional vehicles. These can be either fantastical (such as the Maser Cannon) or possible with current technology (such as the 24 Twin Rocket Car). Fishing and shipping vessels are excluded, unless they meet one of the other two criteria.
  2. Real military vehicles which interacted with kaiju, kaijin, or aliens in a significant way beyond simply being present during a military buildup.
  3. Vehicles which play key roles in the plot of the work, such as the Eikou Maru in the original Godzilla and the E231 and E233 Series trains in Shin Godzilla. Motor vehicles are excluded unless they meet one of the other two criteria.

Color Coding

A character or vehicle article should be color coded through the Types system to match the film or series that the character or vehicle is from. For example, if a film's types are Fire and Fighting, a character or vehicle's types should be Fire and Fighting. On that note, if a character or vehicle appears in multiple films, their typing needs to reflect their most recent appearance, or at the very least, the appearance presented in their infobox image.


The History section on a character or vehicle's page should include at least a basic description of their role in the story. It should not be left blank or recap the entire work they appeared in. It should also be written using past tense language.


Infobox and gallery images should be high-resolution screenshots, showing a character's face clearly or a vehicle in its entirety. They should not retain "black bars" at the sides or top and bottom of the image. A recurring character or vehicles's infobox image should reflect their most recent appearance.

Editing syntax

A character or vehicles's film appearance should be noted like so:

Heading: History
Subheading: Film era
Sub-Subheading: Film

It should be noted that only characters and vehicles from Japanese projects or films from the Monsterverse should be classified into film eras. Characters and vehicles from franchises like King Kong should be noted like so:

Heading: History
Subheading: Film