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Wiki.png This page serves as a help page for Wiki-related tasks.
Before making changes, make sure they have been agreed upon.

This guide is to assist in the writing of articles. Also see the Manual of Style for styling an article.

  • An "article" is a content page on the wiki, usually containing information about a Film or Character etc. Examples of articles include Godzilla, King Kong.
  • Pages that are not articles include images, templates, discussion pages, the Main Page and many sub-pages.

Whilst other pages around the wiki just have to be functional, the primary purpose of articles is to convey information effectively. This is why it is important that articles adhere to certain standards and guidelines, to ensure consistency and relevancy, and to avoid disputes.

Article Titles

Most articles should be called by what they are most commonly known as, rather than a little-known "technical" or "correct" name. This is so people can easily find an article. For example: Skeleturtle instead of Mystery Bones of Infant Island.

Article Layout

Sections & Contents

You should break long articles into sections by using section headings. These should be of a logical and consistent nature.

There should always be an introductory paragraph at the start of an article, before the first section header, which explains what the article is about. The article name should be in bold here, and links to the important related pages should also be given - particularly the games/eras to which this article applies.

Article Content


If there is any information that is little-known, newly-released or otherwise difficult to believe, you should list a source. This should usually be done by an inline external link.

Sometimes an image or video is the simplest way to 'prove' something. You could upload an image, embed a youtube video (with the <youtube></youtube> tags), or link to a video elsewhere on the web.