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Wiki.png This page documents an official Wikizilla policy.
Before making changes, make sure they have been agreed upon.

Syntax is defined as 'the arrangement of words and phrases to create well-formed sentences in a language'. Although Wikizilla is an online resource which is open to users of all nationalities, it is written in English, and as such follows the conventions of the English Language. Although this policy can be included in the Manual of Style, recent high-level acts of vandalism and ignorance have necessitated this policy's inclusion in an article of its own.

What constitutes poor syntax?

Poor syntax is often easy to spot, especially if the page is short or if the article in question has been recently created. In many cases, articles with poor syntax fail to follow the conventions of the English language, usually have grammatical or spelling errors, and often lack punctuation. For example, the original article revision for the (now deleted) Saunders-Roe A.36 Lerwick article featured this passage as its 'History' section.

J.S.D.F. sending planes and warship patrols all over the coast of Japan while Lerwick searching for Godzilla.

While this quote does somewhat refer to the role of the aircraft in its appearance, the content is in the form of a run-on sentence, and also lacks any punctuation beyond a full stop. In general, the user who created this revision should have put their text through a spellchecker or word processor, as the systems would have been able to detect and fix the numerous errors in the sentence.

Syntax conventions on Wikizilla

  • In general, sentences should be written in American English. However, if the article in question is based on a British film or publication, any quotes or citations should be in British English. Edits or articles written in a different convention to the subject or content of the article will be modified to suit the style of English required.
  • Properly formatted and grammatically-correct text is of the highest importance. Although poorly-written articles are sure to be edited and fixed, doing so is time consuming. If you are unable to write in this manner, it is recommended that you contribute to the wiki in different ways, such as adding screenshots, audio or videos.
  • Unless it occurs in speech or on non-article pages, Slang, Euphemisms or excessive abbreviations are discouraged. Wikizilla is not censored, like most other online encyclopedias.
  • On Wikizilla, articles are written in English. Articles written in other languages are deleted on sight. Alternative versions of Wikizilla in other languages are also available, and are listed below.