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Wiki.png This page serves as a help page for Wiki-related tasks.
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Images or other files are used on Wikizilla to show what's being talked about and as a way of visually (or audibly in the case of sound files) conveying information. The maximum size for any individual file on Wikizilla is 20 MB.

Supported file types

Wikizilla supports the following file types for upload.

  • .png - This type of file is very high quality and supports transparency.
  • .jpg, .jpeg - These image files are compressed so that they may hold more than a PNG for less file size. This file also does not support transparency.
  • .gif - The GIF file type is primarily known for being able to contain animated sequences. GIFs uploaded to Wikizilla will not be viewable on a page unless they are under 3 MB. With rare exceptions, they are used exclusively to illustrate the abilities of characters and vehicles.
  • .ogg - The OGG file type supports sounds, and it's the file type of all the roars on this site.
  • .svg - SVG files are for containing vector graphics, which essentially means that the image does not use pixels at all and can be resized without losing quality. Example for why this file type would be used would be for displaying logos.

How to upload images

Images can be uploaded either through Special:Upload, or when editing a page by clicking on the Upload image green arrow.png above the editing box. From there you can select multiple files to upload, though if you try to upload too many at the same time, after a point the majority won't be uploaded.

Image standards

This is an example of a standard image

Image thumbnails are to be 200px and aligned to the right predominantly. Images are also supposed to go at the beginning of a paragraph, before any text--preferably immediately before a header. Image captions should also never end in a period. Here's the wikitext for the sample image to the right:

[[File:Wiki Simple Wordmark.png|thumb|right|200px|This is an example of a standard image]]

Image regulations

Please do not upload your own personal fanmade images to Wikizilla, as they take up server space. Instead, upload the images on a Wikia wiki (it is recommended that you make your own personal Wikia) and simply paste the URL of the image (not the Wikia page where it is displayed on [File:<NAME> page] but the actual image itself--the URL should contain "") wherever you want to. If you upload multiple images that are not to be used on article pages, you will be told to move them off-site and they will be deleted here.

External images

Wikizilla can only embed images uploaded here and images uploaded on Wikia, for safety and accessibility reasons.

Embedding Wikia images

Grab the URL of a Wikia image. For instance, this:

As you can see, the image was not embedded automatically. You have to remove "/revision/" and anything after that for it to be able to be embedded, as well as change "https" to "http" -- as you can see below:

The true size of this image is very large however, and it will likely be counted as spam if you simply paste it like that. It needs to be resized. To resize, add "thumb/" after "/images/", and then add "/" at the end with the number of pixels you want the image to be wide, and then just retype the filename. For example, "/100px-Are_you_a_matango_cuz_ur_fungi.png" after the "/Are_you_a_matango_cuz_ur_fungi.png", so the URL would look like this: and the result would be what's below: