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List of icons

Article identification
  • Era Icon - Featured.png - Featured Article
  • Era Icon - Scrapped.png - Scrapped
  • Era Icon - The Real World.png - The Real World
  • Era Icon - Real People.png - Real People
  • Era Icon - Kaiju.png - Kaiju
  • Era Icon - Mecha.png - Mecha
  • Era Icon - Suit.png - Suits
  • Era Icon - Location.png - Location
  • Era Icon - Video Game.png - Video Game
  • Era Icon - Toy.png - Toy Line
  • Era Icon - Books.png - Book
  • Era Icon - Film.png - Film
  • Era Icon - Fan Fiction.png - Fanon
Company icons

Series icons
Era icons
Kaiju and Mecha icons


{{Era| }}

Use the below variables to indicate what references were used to generate the article's information.

Note: They should be properly formatted in this order: Article identification, Company, Showa/Heisei/Millennium era, Video Game/Film/Comic, and Kaiju. For example:


This will give it a featured article star, a Toho, a Showa, and a film icon, and icons for Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra and King Ghidorah. Only articles which have been featured past and present should have the star.


Article Identification

{{Era|FTD}} - Featured Article


{{Era|TOH}} - Toho


{{Era|IDW}} - IDW Comics

Kaiju and Mecha icons Icons for kaiju and mechas. These are to be used in the articles of the monster and any films or games they appear in, or other relevant articles.

{{Era|GOD}} - Godzilla