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Gorgo vs. Godzilla
Vadim Ozaki/Sandbox/Gorgo vs. Godzilla
Directed by John Carpenter
Producer John Carpenter[1]
Running time 40 minutes
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Gorgo vs. Godzilla is a short fan film[2][3] directed by John Carpenter. It is a crossover between Godzilla and Gorgo, the giant monster from the movie of the same name. It has never seen a proper release since Carpenter created it during his early experiments with visual effects in the 1960s.


Gorgo and Godzilla meet and fight each other.


After seeing the movie It Came From Outer Space (1953) as a child, Carpenter became interested in the horror genre.[4] At the age of eight, when he got an 8mm camera, he began making his first films, inspired by science fiction and horrors like King Kong (1933) and Forbidden Planet (1956).[5][1] After 1961,[6] Carpenter made several 40-minute films, including Gorgo vs. Godzilla.[1] The exact date of filming is unknown. The literature indicates that Carpenter made Gorgo vs. Godzilla while studying at the University of Southern California.[4] According to IMDb, the film was made in 1969.[2]

In Gorgo vs. Godzilla, as well as in other films of 1960's, Carpenter experimented a lot with a variety of special effects. He used stop-motion photography inspired by Ray Harryhausen's style, forced perspective and background projection.[5][1]

Gorgo vs. Godzilla has never been shown in theaters or released on video. In 2003, Carpenter stated that he would never show this and his other early films to anyone because they are "devastatingly bad".[2][3]




  • Since Gorgo in the 1961 film was a cub and much smaller than Godzilla, Gorgo was likely an adult animal in this film.

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