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Godzilla Episodes
"Ghost Ship"
"The Beast of Storm Island"
"Ghost Ship"
Ghost Ship
Series Godzilla
Episode # 16
Air date September 29, 1979

"Ghost Ship" is the 16th episode of Godzilla and the third episode of Season 2.


The Calico crew are sailing through tropical waters when they come across a mysterious and cold patch of fog. While trying to brave the fog, the Calico collides into a stray iceberg that's drifted out into the ocean. While inspecting the Calico for any damage, the crew is shocked to see that a submarine has been frozen inside of the iceberg. Majors also notes that the submarine is a German U-Boat that was used as far back as World War I. Hoping to rescue the crew that's trapped inside it, Majors calls on Godzilla. Godzilla arrives and uses his flames to melt the iceberg, freeing the submarine from its suspended animation.

After Godzilla leaves, Brock and Pete go to inspect the submarine in the mini-copter. Unknown to the crew however, the freed Germans aboard the submarine believe that they are still fighting in the war. Believing that the Calico is a supply vessel for the allied powers, the Germans attack them by shooting down the mini-copter and taking Brock and Pete prisoner. The Germans then take the Calico hostage through boarding parties, despite Majors's attempts to reason with their commanding officer: Quart Schmidt. Due to the Germans' delirium, Schmidt does not believe Majors, even believing that it is the year 1918. Hoping to show Schmidt and his men that the times have changed, Majors and Quinn show them the Calico's more advanced technology, including television. They are even more shocked when they encounter Godzooky.

Now convinced that the war is over, Schmidt reveals that before he and his men were frozen, they were en route to attack the English forces up north using a 1-ton heat-seeking torpedo until their submarine was caught in ice until it eventually froze. No longer hostile towards the crew, Schmidt radios to the submarine to have Brock and Pete released. To their horror however, due to years of excessive corrosion from salt water, their Torpedo malfunctions and is launched without being ignited. The crew tries as many evasive maneuvers as they know, but are unable to get rid of the weapon. Majors calls on Godzilla again to save them from the torpedo and Godzilla manages to arrive just in time to catch it. However while dragging the weapon down to the bottom of the ocean to dispose of it, the torpedo self-destructs right in front of him, knocking Godzilla against the ocean floor and knocking him unconscious.

Suddenly, a Giant Octopus emerges from a nearby cave having been awoken from the explosion. Believing that the submarine was what awoke it, the creature proceeds to attack. Doing what they can to fight it, the crew attempts to ram the octopus, but this only annoys it, who bats them away. Meanwhile, Godzooky goes underwater to see if Godzilla is okay. After Godzooky finds him and calls out to him, Godzilla awakens from his daze and returns to the surface. After Godzooky informs him that Brock and Pete are still inside the submarine. Godzilla battles with the creature both above and below the surface. After managing to wrestle the submarine away from it, Godzilla no longer holds back and manages to defeat the octopus by tying all of its tentacles together and sealing it up in the cave it came out of by burying it behind some boulders.

With the submarine saved, Brock and Pete return to the Calico and the crew tows it back with them on their way to the north Atlantic as Schmidt expresses his gratitude to the crew for saving him and his men.



In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flagicon Japan.png Japanese 幽霊船ゴーストシップ Yūreisen Gōsuto Shippu[1] Ghost Ship Ghost Ship


Part 1 of "Ghost Ship"
Part 2 of "Ghost Ship"
Part 3 of "Ghost Ship"


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