"Distant Song"

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Daimajin Kanon episodes
"Distant Song"
"His Sound"
"Distant Song"
The title card of the episode
Series Daimajin Kanon
Episode # 1
Directed by Taro Sakamoto
Written by Shinji Oishi
Air date April 2, 2010
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"Distant Song" (歌遠,   Kanon) is the debut episode of Daimajin Kanon. It premiered on April 2nd, 2010.


One night in Tokyo, Kanon Misaki is disturbed by dreams of her ex-boyfriend changing into a creature with long white hair before finding herself standing in water in the countryside listening to folk singing when before her looms an immense stone samurai in the middle of the city. The white haired creature attacks it before she awakes to another dreary day of rain in the city. She had come to Tokyo University to study to become a singer, and had joined her boyfiend's band 0°C, but the two had recently broken up, sending the young woman into a state of melancholy.

Elsewhere, her recently made ex-boyfriend Kotaro Ushirone tries to enjoy a meal in a local restaurant, while the news reports on the execution of Kento Saeki, a man who murdered eight people in 2002, who used his last words to insist that he not be put to death until he could kill more people. The proprietor is aghast at his arrogance and evil, but Ushirone is ambivalent, but is disturbed by an image of the killer glaring at the camera during his arrest.

One month later in the Yamagata province, a man called Taihei stands in contemplation of "Bujin Rock," which had once been a mighty demon-killing warrior. His elderly friend Jyuzo comes to fetch him and tells him that someone named Buchiinko is calling him before insisting that Bujin Rock is just a rock formation, and that the legend of the warrior is but one of many stories about it. Taihei then mounts his motorbike to head into Tokyo, and waves goodbye to Jyuzo and the young boy Shouta, the former of whom wishes him luck on his mission.

One month after her breakup with Ushirone, Kanon and her pet baby turtle have recently moved to a cheaper apartment in Chofu, where she is briefly cheered by a text message from her brother, wishing her luck in the new neighborhood. Taihei, en route to the city, is alerted by his hanewa-like hood ornament to a motorist throwing an empty can out of his car window. Taihei tries to return it to him, insisting that he not litter, but quickly gets the window shut on him. In response, Taihei speeds ahead of the driver and flicks the can back in such a way that it lands squarely on the car's hood ornament. Kanon goes out into the city for awhile, feeling better as she sits in a cafe searching local job listings. Unfortunately, 0°C's new music video, featuring their new vocalist Saki Uehara. Kanon quickly rushes out of the establishment. While crossing the street, Ushirone takes no notice of a woman whose grocery bag has burst, spilling produce into the crosswalk. Someone else stops to help her, but without his aid, the pedestrian signal turns red, and the incident disrupts the flow of traffic. Kotaro's act draws the attention of a grim specter with long dark hair and the face of Kento Saeki.

In a parking lot, a woman named Ikechiyo awaits Taihei's arrival with a truck driver who admires her beauty. He offers to take her to her next destination, but when Taihei arrives, she politely declines him with a kiss on the cheek that leaves him smitten. When she and Taihei meet, his hood ornament, who is in reality Buchiinko leaps up and takes shelter in the woman's shirt. News of their meeting travels fast, and two other strangely dressed individuals named Hashitaka and Tomosuke meet their friend Sawamori and gossip over the fact that Taihei has come on a secret mission from Jyuzo, and that they all seem to be gathering in the city. Sawamori is hesitant to meet up until they have dealt with the local Ipadada problem. Over ramen, Taihei and Ikechiyo discuss their meeting, and despite the clandestine nature of his mission, Buchiinko pops up to reveal to her that they are in search of the girl who sings the Prayer song, whom Jyuzo believes will be key in the battle against the Ipadada. Taihei reveals that he met the girl in question many years ago when she was a little girl, and that he would recognize her voice. Kanon meanwhile mourns her former self and laments that she has lost her trusting nature, but is unwilling to give up on her dream. While Kotaro Ushirone is asleep on his couch, the dark spirit of Kento Saeki reflects on their kindred rage, and suggests that they go out and kill together.

On her way home, Kanon discovers the "Dai-chan" Chinese-style ramen shop, and opts to step in for a late meal. While Ikechiyo, Taihei, and Buchiinko are in traffic, Hashitaka and Sawamori follow Tomosuke's nose toward the Ipadada, who, in Kotaro's body, pushes a man in front of a passing truck and vanishes. Alerted by the sound of a screaming bystander, the three run in its direction while Kanon enjoys the oddly familiar taste of the noodles. The three warriors stop the Ipadada from strangling a woman to death in her car, and try to exorcize it, but it escapes their hold, leaving them to once more pursue on foot. Sawamori leaps from a parking garage to chase it, and they soon face off in an alleyway, where during the fight he transforms into a crayfish-like humanoid monster. In reality, he and the rest of his associates are benevolent yokai called Onbake, who defend human life, but after the Ipadada smashes his head with a fire extinguisher, he lies unconscious in the alley while the demon flees into the night. Ikechiyo and Taihei finally arrive at the Dai-chan shop just as Kanon is leaving, and on seeing her, Taihei has an apparent realization and begins to scream.


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  • The "Dai-chan" ramen shop visited by Kanon is emblazoned with the logo of Daiei, the company that produced the original Daimajin films.


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