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Ipadada in Daimajin Kanon
Great Ipadada in Daimajin Kanon
Species Evil Spirit
Forms Ipadada, Possessed Human,
Great Ipadada
Relations Kotaro (Host)
Enemies Sawamori, Tomosuke, Bujin
First appearance Daimajin Kanon Episode 1: Distant Song
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The Ipadada (イパダダ,   Ipadada) are a race of yokai created by Kadokawa that first appeared in episode 1 of the 2010 television series Daimajin Kanon. They are the show's main antagonists. Ipadada are manifestations of hatred that are brought to life when a person dies, and they search for human souls to devour in their attempts to settle the grudges they held in life.


The Ipadada are constantly changing forms as they absorb more human souls, therefore they never look the same for very long. But, no matter what form, the Ipadada always have white skin and long whitish-blonde hair.


Daimajin Kanon

The Ipadadas' first appearance was in Kanon's nightmare at the beginning of the first episode. Later on in the first episode, an Ipadada possessed Kotaro and made him attack a girl in her car. Sawamori chased Kotaro and had a short scuffle with him before Kotaro hit him in the head with a fire extinguisher. This bought the demon some time and allowed him to run away once more.

The battle continued into episode 2, where Sawamori and Tomosuke begin to chase down Kotaro again. Tomosuke tackles the spirit to the ground, but is beaten and thrown off to the side. Sawamori then attempts to step up to Kotaro, but the Ipadada spits a white smoke that forms into a frog-like demon. It begins to attack Sawamori, letting Kotaro run away again. Lucky for Sawamori, Taihei pulls the frog creature off of him and holds it down. Sawamori then ran at it and kicked it causing it to evaporate into the very white mist which it was formed from. We are then brought to a flashback which summarizes the events of an Ipadada attack on Japan. An Ipadada had grown to giant size and began to attack a city. But, a girl sang a prayer song and called upon Bujin, an ancient stone warrior. The demon pummeled the warrior, sending him into a deep sleep.


Possession and soul absorption

The Ipadada can possess humans and absorb human souls.


The Ipadada change forms after they have absorbed different amounts of souls.

Frog demon

The Ipadada which possessed Kotaro could create a frog demon from a white mist that came out of its mouth.


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