Godzilla Unleashed: Double Smash (2007) credits

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The following is a transcript of the ending credits screen of Godzilla Unleashed: Double Smash.

Santa Cruz Games

Mark 'Beno' Bell

Director of Development

Alex Neuse

Lead Designer/Director

Andrew Ames

Lead Programmer

Ed Gregor

Lead Animator

Zach Cox

Jeremy Vinar

Lead Artists

Christine Hara

Associate Producer

Chris Osborn

Adam Freidin

Danny McCue

Brendan Seaman

Arthur Jones

Diego Link

Jonathan Panttaja


Erin Pearce-Zuazua

Pat Gillette


Richard Schritter

Kenneth Anderson

Hong Chan Lim

Andrew Webster


Michael Mayers

Lead Tools Programmer

Special Thanks

Friends and Families of SCG


Ray Larabie




Petrified Productions

Matthew E. Harwood


Atari, Inc.

Product Development

Keehwan Her

Associate Producer

Robert Lindsey

Executive Producer

Hudson Piehl

VP of Product Development

Jean-Marcel Nicolai

Senior VP Content Group

Samuel Gatté

Director of Production Support & QA

Sara Hasson

Production Support Project Manager

Robert Stevenson

VP of Business Development

Roger F. A. Arias

Director of Business Development

Marketing and Sales

Steve Tucker

Senior Director of Marketing Operations

Rick Mehler

Director of Marketing

Jeremiah Cohn

Product Manager

Brennen Vega

Manager of Customer Relationship Manager

James Giambrone

Customer Support Representative

Joanna Negron

Manager of Channel Marketing

Alissa Bell

Public Relations Specialist

Veronica Franklin

Creative Services Manager

Kate Crotty

Traffic Manager

George Kokoris

Digital Media Specialist

Raymond Lau

Research Specialist

Online Entertainment

Ian Sharpe

Research Specialist

Tracy Swanson

Director of Web Design and Technology

Alex Rudis

Director of Content and Communities

Matt Labunka

Business Development Associate

Gregg Bakker

Community Manager

Nicolette Valdespino

Assistant Community Manager


Robert Spellerberg

VP of Inventory & Operations Accounting

Lisa Leon

Lead Senior Buyer

Gardnor Wong

Senior Buyer

Tara Moretti



Kristina Pappa

VP & General Counsel

Kristen Keller

Senior Director of Legal and Business Affairs

Joe McDonald

Manager of IP Rights and Clearances

Quality Assurance and Support

Ezequiel 'Chuck' Nunez

Manager of Publishing Support

Michaeljohn Gutierrez

Q.A. Project Lead

Dave Strang

Manager, Compatibility and Engineering Services

Eugene Lai

Chris McQuinn

Engineering Services Technicians

Patricia-Jean Cody

Lead Compatibility Analyst

Joy Schneer

Director, Strategic Relations

Cecelia Hernandez

Sr. Manager Strategic Relations

Special Thanks

Jamie ladisernia, Starla, MACM

RelQ Test Labs

Megha H.D.

Test Lead

Screenivas H.T.

Nethravathy N.

Anupama V.K.

Megha H.D.

Abhishek Sharma


Balaji S.V.

Group Lead


Delivery Manager


Pre-Master Engineer





Mazhar Hashmi

Nintendo Standards Specialist


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