"Neronga Appears and Disappears"

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Shin Ultra Fight episodes
"Neronga Appears and Disappears"
"Gabora and the Punch of Death"
"Neronga Appears and Disappears"
Neronga Appears and Disappears
Series Shin Ultra Fight
Episode # SP1; 1 (production)
Directed by Shinji Higuchi[a]
Air date May 14, 2022
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"Neronga Appears and Disappears" (ネロンガ ()たり ()えたり,   Neronga Detari Kietari) is the first episode of Shin Ultra Fight. Composed entirely of recut footage from Shinji Higuchi's Shin Ultraman, it was released on the Tsuburaya Imagination streaming service on May 14, 2022, but made available only to those who purchased a digital ticket to the film in Japan. It was later made available to all subscribers that June 27.[1] An English-subtitled version of the episode was uploaded to the Ultraman Connection website on January 13, 2023, requiring only a free registration to access.[2]


The episode re-edits Ultraman's fight with Neronga from Shin Ultraman to remove all human involvement. Consequently, the monster feeding on electricity is not established. While invisible, Neronga attacks a mountainside town, demolishing buildings and power lines. Suddenly, a red flash of light appears in the sky and the hero Ultraman touches down, blowing Neronga back. The monster fires a beam of electricity at Ultraman's chest to little effect before attempting to flee. Ultraman crosses his arms to fire a Spacium Beam at Neronga, destroying it, and launches back into the sky.



  1. Stock footage from Shin Ultraman.


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