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Does a International version, export dubbed version of Ghidorah: the Three Headed Monster: exist?

Gojo2022 (talkcontribs)

Hi, I’m a new member of Wikizilla, I’ve been a longtime Godzilla fan and I also like to study the English dubs to each Godzilla film (that mainly concern having international\export dubbed versions). It appears that you probably know quite a bit about this subject matter, so I wanted to ask you a question concerning the original Ghidorah 1964 film. I’ve been looking for an uncut English dubbed version, were the origin of the story remains on Venus where Princess Salno came from, her name unchanged, no re-arranged scenes and the music score being retained. I believe a few years ago a couple of guys found some Turkish advertising material containing this information, as well as using possibly a different title card name Monster of Monsters: Ghidorah. They made it sound like it was a possibility and they said it wasn’t known if it existed, but found these advertising materials that state it does.