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Me in my first video
Species Human (In real life), Furry; Scalie (Disputably controversial technicality), YouTuber, Editor, WIS Editor, Autistic (Neurotype),
Nationality American
Gender Male
Aliases GojiraBoy1000 T(Youtube name),GodzillaBoy, Gojira Boy, GojiraBoy1000, GojiraBoy1kT,


I am a childhood fan-turned member of the very Wiki that you bare your presence on. After coming to falling in love with Godzilla as a character and everything connected to him from 2017-2019, i eventually expanded my knowledge and life to the franchise, which continues to this day more or less. If you want to know where i reside most of my internet time, the answer to that is YouTube. I go by GojiraBoy1000 T, named in honor of my hero himself. Ever since then, Godzilla has been an almost star-crossed influence on me and my life to an extent that i can’t possibly summarize, let alone express.

Created Articles



  • I’m autistic, which leaves me vulnerable and alone in the world we live in
  • I’ve only been a Godzilla fan since 2017 at the most, so i am not as culturally experienced as most of the people here
  • My opinion and logic is an ocean that countless people, and common opinion in general, tend to oppose
  • As of typing this, I’m newish to even some of the simpler controls and aspects of coding/writing anything on this wiki

Personal facts

Only safe personal facts

  • Left-handed
  • I have over 3,600 YouTube subscribers as of typing this
  • I have low self-esteem and am practically a mental illness bus
  • Straight Ally
  • I have countless triggers, but anything involving nature or other living things speak for themselves
  • Though i’m half uncomfortable about sharing this, i’m a Februarian Aquarius ♒️
  • I am a scaler and WIS editor if you know what either of those are
  • I know a lot of things. A LOT OF THINGS ~
  • The part of me that doesn’t self-loathe and insult is proud to be Autistic because it plays a key part in all the things that make me me✨
  • I’m an american
  • I’m a Tristar Godzilla, Minilla, etc acceptor and liker
  • I try to be as humble and dignified as possible in addition to being professional with the things i do (Unless it’s just talking openly in any way or another)


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