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Mr. Eiga
Alternate names Shin Ultrafan, Urutoraeiga
Species Human
Place(s) of emergence New Zealand
Allies Allosaurus, VaderRaptor, Obi-X, TheWatcherIsBae, KING GHIDORAH 1954, Catkaiju, Titans of Earth, RexGoji,

AstroFanMan, GodzillaIsland7.2, Mech Anguirus, AngiraBlu, Tarbtano, Nuclear Godzilla, Shin evangelion, Yeti, Doomzilla

Real world information
First appearance Fandom
Latest appearance Giant Monsters Wiki

Hello everyone, my name is Mr. Eiga I am a huge ultraman, kaiju and superheroes fan and a regular editor of Wikizilla.

Godzilla and Kaiju i own

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Fan film projects

Title card.

Titanosaurus vs. Moguera

i stated this film this year, i finished writing the films script today it will go for at least 60 minutes and i will keep it at home for safe keeping once i have finished the project.