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The Carlosfield Paradox
Alternate names Carlosfield (Old Wikizilla account)

NOTcarlos777 (Roblox User)

N/A (Discord)

Species Homo Sapien
Place(s) of emergence United States, Michigan
Allies Harpercotter08, Arfinogoji757, Scifogon, Bio-Ghidorah, Gigan, Biollante
Enemies Alex012 (The dude who took my IP address and got me blocked), Plagiarism
First appearance Latest appearance
In a library looking for monster movies Present day
First G-movie I ever watched

Hello, my name is TheCarlosfieldParadox! I like to draw kaiju, read Godzilla books and Creepypasta's, and write Creepypasta's. When I leave collage I will be a Animator and (possibly) be an Admin on Wikizilla. I am also an Admin on the Tokusatsu Wikpedia.

SANDBOX: (User:TheCarlosfieldParadox/Sandbox/Tagruato)

Origins[edit | edit source]

My love for Godzilla started when I was 7 and I liked myths and legends, so I went to the library to get books. I went to see if they had good movies as well, so I found the movie Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster. I liked the movie, but I like to watch things from the beginning so I went back to the library and got the Godzilla (1954 film) by doing some research on the movies. From there I was fascinated and then went even further with watching more and more of these movies.

Top 5 Favorite Kaiju[edit | edit source]

Owned Godzilla Merchandise[edit | edit source]

Godzilla Gallery of Figurines and Drawings[edit | edit source]