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Ok wow lots have happened since I stopped liking Godzilla as much.

Mech Anguirus (talkcontribs)

Toho is making a new kaiju movie!

Mech Anguirus (talkcontribs)

There is a kid in the class of my younger brother (9) who is also a Godzilla fan, like me and him. This kid thinks that Godzilla was made in 1934, to cash in on the success of King Kong, how do we explain that is wasnt?

Kaiju No. 14 (talkcontribs)

show him the trailer for the 1954 Godzilla film.

Shin evangelion (talkcontribs)

wow. I am just. wow. even my 7th grade teacher knew when Godzilla (54) came out. He honestly gave the back story of why it came to be and then on that friday, we got to watch it in class with one of the most annoying kids saying its not "School safe." then when it got to the part where we see the victims of Godzilla's attack in the Hospital, The same kid. bursted into tears and then ran out into the hall and screeched like a banshee. im thankful he isnt at highschool.

Mech Anguirus (talkcontribs)

Your in 7th grade?! I'm in 11th grade next year. Just turned 17.

Shin evangelion (talkcontribs)

the story took place in 7th grade, im heading into 11th grade as well.

TheCarlosfieldParadox (talkcontribs)

I am 14.

Godzilla vs. Kamacuras chapter 5

Mech Anguirus (talkcontribs)

With Kamacuras on top of Godzilla, it all seemed hopeless. Kamacuras spat acid on him and Godzilla roared out in pain, before seemingly dying...

Ishiro: NO! Godzilla! You cant die! No, no, no!

Goro: Wait, take a closer look...

Daisuke: Your right... Godzilla still be alive?!

Godzilla was playing dead while Kamacuras was building nesting, preparing to lay the eggs. Godzilla used his Atomic Breath on Kamacuras. Kamacuras seemed angered and flew at Godzilla, only for Godzilla to move away.

Steve: Yes! Godzilla can win! Kamacuras is getting angry and reckless!

Godzilla used a strong blast of Atomic Breath that Kamacuras dodged, and it shot a building instead. The building fell on Godzilla giving Kamacuras time to use the Acid Spit and slash Godzilla. Ishiro then picked up a flare and...

Ishiro: Come here you ugly son of a b*tch!

Diasuke: No! What are you doing! You'll get us all killed!

Ishiro: No, Ill get killed...

Kamacuras flew towards the building and Ishiro stayed outside, while Ishiro was killed by Kamacuras. Godzilla took this time to get up and power up an Atomic Breath. Kamacuras turned around and Godzilla fired it! Kamacuras tried to slash at Godzillas neck but Godzilla bit down on Kamacuras and threw it into a building. Kamacuras spit acid at Godzilla.

Steve: Ishiro... No...

Daisuke: His sacrifice wasn't in vane, Godzilla is winning!

Goro: We must go, this building wont be standing soon.

As Goro, Daisuke, and Steve leave the building a board a helicopter, Godzilla is still battling Kamacuras and it is a pretty even battle. Kamacuras spits acid at Godzilla put Godzilla swats it off with his tail, burning Kamacuras face. Kamacuras collapses a building on Godzilla which gives him enough to camouflage. Godzilla looks around and Kamacuras comes from behind him! Godzilla anticipates this and uses his Atomic Breath to push Kamacuras into a telophone tower, which impales it through the abdomen. Kamacuras lets out a weak roar before it dies.

Steve: Godzilla... He did it! Yes!

Daisuke: He had to have won, he truly is the king of the monsters, as Ishiro said!

They watch as Godzilla heads into the ocean before letting out a mighty roar.

The End! I had a ton of fun making this to whoever happens to stumble upon this! I have always liked Kamacuras and think he deserves more love from Godzilla fans, so I made a much more menacing, threatening version of Kamacuras!

Mech Anguirus (talkcontribs)

This was fun.

Godzilla vs. Kamacuras chapter 4

Mech Anguirus (talkcontribs)

With the Maser Cannons firing at Kamacuras, the insect beast flew towards the Maser Cannons which gave Godzilla time to get up!

Daisuke: We need all of the weapons! Kamacuras will wipe these out in minutes!

Goro: Your right... Deploy the full artillery...

Steve: But then how do we defeat Godzilla?

Ishiro: We will not have to defeat him, we will hope that he will forgive us...

Goro deploys the full artillery and aims it all Kamacuras. Though it does not hurt it, it does distract it. Godzilla gets up and fires his Atomic Breath at Kamacuras but it blocks it with its Acid Breath. It creates a beam lock that Kamacuras wins, Godzilla is down and Kamacuras is smart enough not to get distracted by the Maser Cannons. Godzilla musters up whatever energy he has left and uses the Atomic Breath directly in Kamacuras face. Godzilla uses this time to heal and gets back up.

Ishiro: Yes! Godzilla WILL defeat Kamacuras!

Daisuke: Can he though? If it takes that long to heal, than what if Kamacuras gets another really good hit?

Steve: Good point, but besides that, Kamacuras appears to be pregnant again, I can tell.

Goro: So, do we need to destroy the abdomen?

They began shooting the Maser Cannons at Kamacuras abdomen, however, Kamacuras protected it and flew at the Maser Cannons before spitting Acid on them, the Maser Cannons began melting down...

Goro: NO! The Maser Cannons!

Ishiro: They wouldn't matter, Godzilla can defeat him.

Goro: I'm tired of you saying that! How do you know?!

Ishiro: Us humans made sure of that, the radiation, it has made Godzilla a nuclear power house...

Godzilla knocks Kamacuras out of the air and lets a loud roar. Kamacuras looks at Godzilla and bows. Godzilla begins to head off but Kamacuras flies at Godzilla and slashes him. Godzilla falls to the ground as Kamacuras get on top of him... All Ishiro can do is pray, pray that Godzilla can survive...

Chapter 5 will come out soon, or as soon as I make it!

Kaiju No. 14 (talkcontribs)

Cool! can't wait for chapter 5!

Mech Anguirus (talkcontribs)

Good news. Check my talk page.

Godzilla vs. Kamacuras chapter 3

Mech Anguirus (talkcontribs)

Ishiro, Daisuke, and Steve try to warn the police but instead get locked in an Insane Asylum. Later, they are visited Goro Maki, the head of the Japanese military.

Goror: You tell us of Kamacuras and another creature?

Steve: I call him Gigantis, and yes, it is true. The whole story.

Ishiro: He is called Godzilla. He is the dragon my grandfather spoke of.

Goro: Right, now can Kamacuras fly?

Daisuke: Yeah, and Godzilla cans swim. They might have followed us.

Goro: If what you are saying is true, than we need to prepare the Maser Cannons.

The JSDF prepares the Maser Cannons and wait before they here a large helicopter noise...

Steve: That Kamacuras! Fire in that direction!

The Maser Cannons fired in that direction and out came Kamacuras! Godzilla ran and attacked the Maser Cannons.

Goro: I have an idea, we need to play a high frequency sound to irritate the kaiju, then the Maser Cannons can finish them of!

And so they did, the sound began playing and Godzilla and Kamacuras screamed out in pain. But instead of falling to the ground, the two began charging towards the source of the noise!

Daisuke: Its not working!

Ishiro: it wouldn't, Godzilla is the king of the monsters, we cant defeat him.

Goro: Don't be so sure. Turn the Maser Cannons to %100!

The Maser Cannons began heating up and shooting at the monsters. They ignored it however, and destroyed the huge building that was making the noise.

Steve: It WILL work! We cant give up!

Ishiro: We don't have to give up. We have already lost.

The two monsters destroy the building but it collapses on them. The humans look at the ruble and the two monsters rise. They turn on each other and begin fighting. Godzilla breaths Atomic Breath on Kamacuras but Kamacuras flies away. Godzilla looks around but cannot see his opponent.

Ishiro: Where did Kamacuras go?

Daisuke: I cant tell...

Godzilla uses his Atomic Breath and hits something... Kamacuras can Camouflage! Kamacuras lunges at Godzilla and tackles him to the ground.

Ishiro: Maser Cannons! Leave Godzilla! Kamacuras is the bigger threat. It is a male, but it can reproduce. All of the small Kamacuras on Odo, were most likely its offspring. If Godzilla is dead and cant kill them than think about what could happen to Tokyo! No- the world!

Goro: Fire at Kamacuras!!

The Maser Cannons all fire at Kamacuras and the insect spits green acidic liquid at them. Some of the Maser Cannons are destroyed, but not all of them! The JSDF releases the rest of the Maser Cannons and fire at Kamacuras!

Chapter 4 will come soon! Sorry for the cliff hanger!

Godzilla vs. Kamacuras chapter 2

Mech Anguirus (talkcontribs)

Steve, Ishiro, and Daisuke set of to Odo Island with the intent to find and kill the creature that Ishiro refers to as "Kamacuras" They have hazmat suits and guns to survive in the harsh radiation, and guns for when they find Kamacuras.

Daisuke: I think were here! This is Odo Island!

Ishiro: Good. Steve, get the hazmat suits and guns. Also get some ammo, a LOT of ammo!

Steve: Right! How big is Gimantis again?

Ishiro: Its Kamacuras, not Gimantis. And its about 3 meters.

Steve: Oh god, Daisuke! What did we get ourselves into!

Daisuke: I have no idea...

They arrive on the island, with hazmat suits on and get the guns... They venture out and find something... Incedible.

Ishiro: How big is that condor?! Kamacuras is way smaller than that! There is no way he could have killed it!

Steve: I don't know, maybe there is a group of Kamacuras?

Daisuke: A group?! Than how will he know which one to kill?

Ishiro: Well kill them all. It cant be that hard.

Steve: I hope so. How does Kamacuras fight?

Ishiro: Its like a drunken brawler. It goes all in and doesn't have strategy.

Steve: Do you hear that? Is it a helicopter? Have we been discovered?!

Daisuke: No... That's something different...

Ishiro, Steve, and Daisuke look in horror as, it isn't a helicopter, but a swarm of Kamacuras! Not 4 or 5, it was more like 60 or 70!

Steve: Oh, god. I think this is it... There is NO way we can shoot all of those to death!

Ishiro: We cant five up! We have to avenge my fallen comrades!

Daisuke: Forget about you're stupid revenge! We need to run!

Just when Daisuke says that, they all see a blue light of energy go over the Kamacuras and incinerate all of them! A roar is echoed through out Odo Island! A giant dinosaur like creature, with leaf-like spikes rises up and roars once again!

Ishiro: Oh god... What is that thing?!

Steve: I- I don't know... We need to run... NOW!

The three begin running only to hear the beast roar out again, this time in pain. A Kamacuras half the size of Godzilla was attacking him.

Steve: That must be the Patriarch Kamacuras... The leader, the queen!

Ishiro: What if these things get to the main land! We have to warn the military.

As the trio turns on the boat, Godzilla and the Patriarch stop fighting and begin chasing the boat! The boat leaves the island in time... They are about 3 hours away from reaching the mainland when they hear two familiar noises...

Chapter 3 will hopefully come soon enough! I made chapter 2 at the same time as chapter 1 so they could come around the same time! So chapter 3 will take some more time!

Godzilla vs. Kamacuras chapter 1

Mech Anguirus (talkcontribs)

A cold, dark day in Nagasaki. Insect enthusiast and expert Steve Burr arrives. Steve came to study the Giant Praying Mantis, or Mantodea gigantis that is now in captivity. The creatures are indigenous to Odo Island, but the place is banned for the nuclear testing going on there. Steve smiles more than he has before when he lays his eyes on the creature. He feels a hand on his back and turns around to see non other than Daisuke Yamane, grandson of Kyohei Yamane, the world famous scientist.

Steve: Daisuke? Right, its a pleasure to meet you!

Daisuke: Um, yes Steve, its a pleasure to meet you to. But there is someone I would like you to meet. Allow me to introduce Ishiro Watanabe!

Ishiro: Hello, we need to talk. I hear you know much about insects, Steve.

Steve: Well... Yeah!

Ishiro: Come with me.

Steve, Daisuke and Ishiro go to Ishiros house and talk.

Ishiro: The mantises, on Odo Island... They, well... Grew.

Steve: What do you mean?

Daisuke: Hes talking about the recent nuclear testing on Odo Island, they... Affected the mantises in mysterious ways... They're bigger now...

Steve: Like... How big?

Ishiro: The one I saw was about 3 meters, or 12 feet.

Steve: What happened to the others... Unless you were alone?

Ishiro: There were 4 others, and they didn't make it...

Daisuke: So how do we kill these things? They're still bugs, so it should be easy, right?

Ishiro: Right, get the guns in the closet, Ill get the Hazmat suits. Were going back to Odo Island.

Steve: What! Are we permitted?

Ishiro: No, but were going. I'm gonna avenge my fallen comrades and kill that damn nasty bug.

Steve: Okay, Ill go.

Daisuke: I don't think we have a choice.

Chapter 2 will come out soon!

Kaiju No. 14 (talkcontribs)

why have you stopped editing gamera wiki is it because my brother is giving the site a temporary shut down?

Mech Anguirus (talkcontribs)

I dont know. Im still in shock after GvK.

Mech Anguirus (talkcontribs)

And, because I still have to do school!

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