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Astounding Beyond Belief (talkcontribs)

I said "type something up," not "steal Wikipedia's entire plot summary."

Les (talkcontribs)

This post should most definitely not be deleted and it is most definitely not "hate speech" (are you aware of what that even means?). Please stop trying to hide it, as the above warning is still valid.

SkullIslandExplorer (talkcontribs)

(Sorry Admins, but let me try to talk to this guy) First of all: Define “hate speech” (words have meaning BTW. That is, if you’re too infantile to know definitions of words, or you cherry-pick things for your bias). Second: The Admins are trying to help you, and they had every right to revert your edits. Third: (I don’t know why people ignore this simple step) Read the site rules! And fourth: Don’t do nonsense like this, ever. Have a good weekend.

Astounding Beyond Belief (talkcontribs)

Stop armchair modding.

SkullIslandExplorer (talkcontribs)

Sorry, just thought I’d help (I’ve dealt with people like him before, and he was giving you a hard time). And I’ll stop (this time, for real. You have my word).

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