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The Godzilla Ornament Special Effects Collection (ゴジラオーナメント特撮大百科,   Gojira Ōnamento Tokusatsu Ōhyakka?) is a series of small figure ornaments made by Cast.


The Godzilla Ornament Special Effects Collection includes small figure ornaments of kaiju, vehicles and objects from the Godzilla series. The line is notable for producing ornaments of extremely obscure or minor things from the series, such as the Mystery Bones of Infant Island or the Giant Lizard. Cast produces ornaments of kaiju from other tokusatsu franchises as well, such as the Gamera and Ultra Series.


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Kadokawa Pictures
Shochiku Company Ltd.
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Toy Line
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Mystery Bones of Infant Island
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Showa Mechagodzilla
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Biollante Flower Beast Form
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Baby Godzilla
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20 days ago
Score 0
So, has Cast done Ultraman stuff?

The King of the Monsters

18 days ago
Score 0
Yes, they do merchandise for pretty much every tokusatsu and kaiju franchise.


3 months ago
Score 0
Someone put the Maneater ornament in here. I'm sleepy.


4 months ago
Score 0

I think I found the website and twitter page for this line, but I'm not sure if it's official or fan operated.




11 months ago
Score 0
That Guilala ornament is adorable! I need it to go with my X-Plus Guilala.

Magara M&E

11 months ago
Score 0
I really like this line


11 months ago
Score 0

Also, this page needs to somehow determine when each set was released and what was part of what set.

http://tdcast.exblog.jp/ - official blog of Cast

According to Club Tokyo, these figures are made by Iwakura, Inc., but I am not sue how true that is. Here are the only listings for these on Club Tokyo.

http://www.c...ntentID=1434 - Ver. 1

http://www.c...ntentID=1632 - Ver. 2

http://www.c...ntentID=1611 - Ver. 3


11 months ago
Score 0
This toy line's name is very weird. Its name is ゴジラオーナメント特撮大百科. The thing that trips me up is, 大百科. This literally means "large encyclopedia," except that ... these are ornaments, not encyclopedias, no matter how you look at it. Apparently there's another translation of 百科 that means "many objects (for study)", which makes more sense, but there's no real word for that. So I'm going to name this article "Godzilla Ornament Special Effects Collection" because that word makes more sense than "Encyclopedia" or "Many Objects (for study)."

The King of the Monsters

11 months ago
Score 0
We might want to rename this to something more general, since the line also includes Gamera, Gappa, Guilala, etc.


11 months ago
Score 0
Those are different lines. It's the same thing except the Gamera one has some different name. Still has the "Ornament Special Effects Collection" but it has "Gamera [blah blah]" before.

The King of the Monsters

11 months ago
Score 0
So should we just rename this page Ornament Special Effects Collection to include all of the kaiju?


11 months ago
Score 0
I guess...