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Which non-Toho kaiju next?

Tarbtano (talkcontribs)

You got a good eye for this. After the Paleosaurus is complete, which monster do you think should be tackled next? Figured collaborating would make the whole thing more thorough.

PS: apologies for the lengthiness prior, just felt you were owed an explanation :)

Zillaman98 (talkcontribs)

its fine i really just didn't feel like reading that since you made the point clear with the undo message you left on its page

there's Quite a bit that need overhauling and ones who havent even been published yet

if you have discord i feel it would be easier to discuss there.

but if not a few prime examples that stick out are the Rampage cast

Ralphs design section could be updated and George is still in sandbox


User:The King of the Monsters/Sandbox/George


Zillaman98 (talkcontribs)