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Gamera vs. Zigra

In the second half of the 20th century, many countries around the world, including Japan, began to build space bases on the Moon. Suddenly an UFO appears near the Moon. It begins to attack the Japanese base. An UFO causes the lunar rover's disappearing with its rays, blows up the entire station and flies to Earth. Shortly after that, at Kamogawa Sea World, Kenichi and Helen go for a walk, while a performance with trained seals is showing. Meanwhile, Dr. Tom Wallace and Dr. Yosuke Ishikawa are operating a sick dolphin. After a while, near the sea, they discuss the pollution of the seas, and hear the radio reports of the colossal earthquakes in Peru and the Arabian Peninsula. When they decide to have a snack, it turns out that Kenichi and Helen, who were hiding in the boat, ate all their food. All four notice that a flying saucer suddenly plunges into the water. They all decide to find out what it is. Meanwhile, the military also learns about an UFO with the radars. After that, Gamera appears and flies over the boat. An UFO moves the boat inside, and Gamera starts to fly in circles.

Inside the flying saucer, they meet an alien, who tells them that they are inside the spaceship of the planet Zigra. She says that the distance from Earth to Zigra is 480 light years. She also says that the civilization of the planet Zigra is much smarter than the Earthlings, and that she will show people their inventions. Dr. Wallace and Dr. Ishikawa decide to believe her. However, immediately after that, an alien broadcasts on television, and says that she will provoke an earthquake near Tokyo with a magnitude 13. People ask her not to do that. Although, it's too late. An alien says she flew here because the water on her planet was very polluted and her race could not live there. She says she will not allow people to rule the Earth and pollute the oceans, and demands surrender. She orders the doctors to testify to the power of Zigra, and then hypnotizes them. The kids run away, and an alien stops. With the help of rays, all four move from the flying saucer.

After that, at the sea, Kenichi tries to start a motor boat's engine, but he fails. Meanwhile, back to the UFO, the space monster Zigra wakes up an alien with his beam. He orders her to find and destroy the children, because they know too much about the power of the flying saucer. An alien says it would be much easier to destroy all inhabitants of Japan, but the monster denies. He says that people live on land, and their food lives in the water, but the inhabitants of the planet Zigra oppositely live in water, and their food lives on land. The monster orders to destroy only Kenichi and Helen. Meanwhile, the children still can't start the boat. They notice the ship and rejoice, but Zigra's space ship blows it up and swims to them. However, right in front of the boat, it turns around and sails back, although immediately after that he starts sailing on the boat again. Fortunately, the children notice Gamera and ask for help. Gamera takes the boat in his hand and moves it ashore. Kenichi and Helen decide to find help. They thank Gamera, and after that he flies away. After a while, they meet the old man, and noticing his old clothes, Kenichi begins to think that they have moved into the past. He tells the old man that the spaceship moved them to here from the year 1971, but he says they are in 1971, and his clothes are a tribute to his ancestor Niemon. Kenichi understands that they are on the eponymous island.