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Battle in Outer Space

KunshuGoji (talkcontribs)

Hi Les, I noticed you'd added Battle in Outer Space under filmography in my Texas sandbox. I haven't seen the film myself, so I've been doing some research to see what role it plays in the movie. Unfortunately I haven't found anything. Would you mind telling me how it's involved so I can update the sandbox? Thanks in advance.

Les (talkcontribs)

Texas was one of the three launch sites of the FFE Space Fighters, along with Siberia and Tokyo. I can't remember if it's actually shown or only mentioned.

KunshuGoji (talkcontribs)

Alrighty, I'll be sure to add it in. Thanks again.

Nuclear Godzilla (talkcontribs)

Well can you friend me

KunshuGoji (talkcontribs)

? I'm not sure if that is to Les or I or why you even put it in this thread but going around asking people to friend you is not a good way to get people to friend you