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[[File:Baragon (BvF).png|330px|yes ik im not baragon but still]]
Alternate names Grimagikoopa
Species well, my main OC is a dry bones so yea
Height 420 meters
Length 69 meters
Place(s) of emergence Kazakhstan
Allies this wiki, my dog, HIM (well not really)
Enemies skibidi toilet, THAT ONE DIMENSIONAL RECOLOR OF THE KING OF THE MONSTERS (ofc not actually)
Designed by your mother
First appearance Latest appearance
some random day in february 2010 hmm idk
Design(s) me
More roars

hi, idk what to write here, but im a person on this wiki who really likes kaiju and whatnot. you can tell from my username that baragon is my favorite kaiju.

i'm interested in international TV channels and their identification/logos, and i've already archived some rare things from some obscure ones. (yep, i'm just mainly gonna use this for fictional stuff)


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Welcome to Godzilland

Welcome to Godzilland!
Air date November 6th, 1994 -
December 21st, 1998
Directed by (TBA)
Producer(s) (TBA)
Written by (TBA)
Music by (TBA)
Funded by Toho, Daiei Film (for the episodes featuring Gamera)
Channel(s) TV TokyoJP
Genre(s) Children's, adventure, comedy
Episodes 250

(wip) Welcome to Godzilland! (へようこそ! ゴジランド,   Heyōkoso! Gojirando) (literally Welcome! Godzilland) is a Japanese television series that originally aired on TV Tokyo. The series is about Godzilla and other kaiju (drawn in a super deformed style) living on Monster Island and going on adventures together. It originally debuted on November 6th, 1994 and ran for four seasons up until 1998. It is based off of the animated segments of Adventure! Godzilland however contains a discrenable plot and a larger cast of characters, as well as being fully animated and originally made to partially promote the 40th birthday of the Godzilla franchise. Its opening theme is "Godzilland", also used for the opening of the Get Going! Godzilland educational OVAs which were concieved during the development of the show.


Welcome to Godzilland is loosely based off of the animated segments of the 1992 variety show Adventure! Godzilland and it's 1993 sequel. It features a young Godzilla as the main character, and he lives on Monster Island with his friends Anguirus, Gojirin, Baragon, Mothra and much more. Like as in Get Going! Godzilland, Godzilla frequently gets into arguments with Anguirus, and sometimes other characters, but otherwise they are best friends. Destoroyah, in his first appearance (exactly 1 year before Godzilla vs. Destoroyah), is potrayed as the main villian. He lives inside a volcano with his sidekick Mechagodzilla and spends most of his time obsessing over his plan to destroy the island, as well as attempting to put the plans into action by causing trouble on the island. He also helps out the other villians on the island, including Manda, Hedorah (known in the show as Hedorah-Kyodaikaki, as there is another Hedorah, a friendler and smaller one who is friends with Godzilla, as in the 1984 Godzilland merchandise line) and others, including school bullies Gamera (an unfair student who brags a lot and snitches on students, but later goes through a redemption arc and befriends Godzilla) and Gabara (a sort of jock who likes to bully people smaller than him, especially Minilla). Together, Godzilla and his friends have to occasionally duel with these villians in order to bring piece and justice to the island.