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Greenman, an example of a Kyodai Hero. Greenman is capable of increasing his size to fight giant opponents, a staple of the trope.

Kyodai Hero (巨大ヒーロー,   Kyodai Hīrō, lit. Giant Hero) is a subgenre or trope in tokusatsu, involving kaiju-sized heroes fighting numerous opponents. A character doesn't necessarily have to transform into a giant character to be classed as a Kyodai Hero, as some characters are already giant-sized, such as Jet Jaguar or Godzilla, with the latter being seen by some to have created the Kyodai Hero trope as a whole in the Showa era with films such as Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster and Terror of Mechagodzilla.

This category concerns Kyodai Hero shows produced by Toho.

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