Akira Sakamori / Zone Junior

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Akira Sakamori/Zone Junior
El spigre/Sandbox/Zone Junior
Species Peacelandian
Place(s) of emergence Planet Peaceland
Relations Hikaru Sakimori (brother),
Hotaru Sakimori (sister),
Yoichiro Sakimori (father),
Tsukiko Sakimori (mother),
Raita Sakimori (grandfather)
Allies Hotaru Sakimori, Hikaru Sakimori,
Yoichiro Sakimori, Tsukiko Sakimori, Raita Sakimori, Takeru Jo, Godzilla
Enemies Garogas, Terror-Beasts
First appearance Zone Fighter episode 1,
"Destroy the Terror-Beast Missile!"
Latest appearance Zone Fighter episode 26,
"Pulverize! The Garoga Gamma-X Strategy"

Zone Junior (ゾーンジュニア Zōn Junia), given the civilian name Akira Sakamori, is the youngest of the Zone Family. Zone Junior is an alien who first appeared in the 1973 Toho tokusatsu kaiju series Zone Fighter.


As part of the Zone Family (ゾーンファミリ,   Zōn Famiri), the "Zone" in the "Zone Junior" moniker is shared with his relatives Zone Fighter, Zone Angel, and Zone Great.


Zone Junior's design is very similar to Zone Fighter's, having a silver helmet with and antennae with a blue jumpsuit covered in silver body armor with a red pattern covering the chest.


Zone Fighter



Like his siblings, Akira can transform out of his civilian form and into his combat form.


When in their combat forms, Zone Junior and his sister Zone Angel are capable of summoning the spacecraft Smokey, which resides in the clouds when not in use. They are both able to pilot the spacecraft and in situations where Zone Fighter is low on energy, they can operate an emergency battery on board to recharge their older sibling.


In Attack, Destro-King!, it is explained that Akira would be able to regenerate his cornea after a week when an accident causes Jiro to need a transplant with Akira volunteering to do it.


Due to being the youngest of the Zone Family, Zone Junior is the most inexperienced with combat. In Attack King Ghidorah! it is revealed the Zone Family gaim their Proton Power from the Sun and if it is covered or blocked out he will weaken and unable to recharge Zone Fighter.


Zone Fighter

Godzilla Singular Point


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