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Meringue Junior
The Movie Monster Game (1986)

The son of Mister Meringue, he is essentially a small version of the monster with blue overalls. His father comes to his rescue after he is taken by the humans.

  • Like his faher, he was inspired by the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters.
  • Like all other babies in this game, he shares his roar with his father.
Sphectra Junior
The Movie Monster Game (1986)

Sphectra's son, a defenceless green grub. He was taken by the humans, and his father saved him.

  • Like all other babies in this game, he shares his roar with his father.
Glog Junior
The Movie Monster Game (1986)

While the army was fighting The Glog, they managed to blast a part off of him. They brought the piece back to the city where it quickly regenerated into a new being, essentially a smaller version of the Glog. His father came to rescue him.

  • Just like his father, he was inspired by the Blob monster from the 1958 film of the same name.
  • Like all other babies in this game, he shares his roar with his father.
Mechatron Junior
The Movie Monster Game (1986)

Despite the failure that was Mechatron, the military scientists continued to work on giant robots for war. Attempting to play it safe this time, they made the new robot smaller in size. However, as soon as he was turned on, he linked up with his "father", who immediately came to free him from the humans.

  • Just like his father, he was inspired by Megatron from Transformers.
  • Like all other babies in this game, he shares his roar with his father.
Tarantus Junior
The Movie Monster Game (1986)

While exploring Tarantus' massive web, scientists found his egg sack and brought i back to the city. There, one of the eggs hatched. The baby began crying, alerting his father who came to the rescue.

  • Just like his father, he was inspired by the giant Tarantula from the 1955 film of the same name.
  • Like all other babies in this game, he shares his roar with his father.
Matango hives
Godzilla: Monster of Monsters! (1988) Massive hives of the Matango mushroom taller than Godzilla appear through the game. They shoot bullets at the player's monster while up to two spore monsters spawn from it, also shooting and attempting to swarm the player. Once the hive takes enough damage, the spores will stop spawning and the hive will start shooting bigger bullets in a diferent pattern until defeated. Though functionally the same, three types appear through the game:
  • On Earth, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto, generic mushroom-shaped hives appear.
  • On Mars and Saturn, huge almost mountain-shaped hives appear.
  • On Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto, mushroom-shaped hives with a seemingly collapsed top appear.
  • The larger hives are the rarest in the game.
  • Saturn is the only planet to have all three types of hives.
Unnamed plant stage monsters
Godzilla: Monster of Monsters! (1988) The plant stages of Earth, Jupiter, Pluto, and Planet X are filled with plant-based monster in addition to the Xiliens' forces. A total of seven different types appear:
  • A small sphere atop a wavy vine. It has what looks like an opening on the orb, and from it, the plant shoots at the player monster in an arc.
  • Long almost totem-like creatures. They have eyes and a mouth, and from it they shoot bullets horizontally and diagonally towards the player. Before getting destroyed, their whole length is an obstacle the player cannot pass through. Already broken ones exists through the stages, the Xiliens even making use of some to mount some of their tanks on top of short broken pillars.
  • Some asparagus-looking plant tha move up and down while shooting lasers vertically. The lasers are colored the same as the player character, and at higher levels, when Mothra's eye beams come in contact with the lasers, she is damaged.
  • Plants that are rooted on the ground and have some kind of flower coming out of them. From that flower they shoot spinning projectiles that slowly home in to the player monster.
  • Strange prickly-looking bushes that go up and down from the ground. While they do appear on Earth, it is only in the background and they do not attack nor can they be hit.
  • Large plants that have a big flower in the middle. They attack the exact same as the pole enemies, and like them, these plants cannot be walked through until defeated. Like the previous plant, it only appears as part of the background on Earth.
  • Flying flowers that shower bullets down once the player gets close. This type of enemy does not appear on Earth.
Unnamed fire birds
Godzilla: Monster of Monsters! (1988) Fire birds populate the volcano levels of Earth, Mars, Pluto, and Planet X. When first seen, they are in a fireball, and once the player monster gets close, the ball explodes, revealing a fiery bird that immediately begins shooting slow homing fireballs at the player. They are easily dispatched by a few hits.
  • The fire birds uses the exact same bullets and attack pattern as the Manda monsters found in the same stages.
  • While in their fireball form, they can be defeated from a distance without getting a chance to attack.
Godzilla's family
Godzilla-kun: Great Monster March (1990) Members of Godzlla's family can be encounered through the game. They are:
  • Kanjira (カンジラ,   Kanjira)
  • Yojira (ヨジラ,   Yojira)
  • Pajira (パジラ,   Pajira), also called Papara (パパラ,   Papara);
  • Majira (マジラ,   Majira)
  • Iajira (イタジラ,   Itajira)
Bijira (ビジラ,   Bijira)
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Pilot1 "A Friend in Need"

Pilot2 "The Key to the City"

No kaiju

01a "Under the Volcano" 01b "The Treasure Trap"

No kaiju

02a "The Horror of Mondo Island" 02b"Dr. Who"

No kaiju

03a"Rocket Island"

No kaiju

03b"The African Bees"

04a"The Hunter"

04b"The Space Men"

05a "The Jinx of the Sphinx" 05b "The Greeneyed Monster"

06a "The Top of the World" 06b "The Golden Temple"

No kaiju

07a "The Electric Circle"

07b "Mirror of Destruction"

No kaiju

08a "Tiger Tiger"

08b "The Vise of Dr. Who"

No kaiju

09a "King Kong's House"

No kaiju


10a "The Giant Sloths"

10b "The Legend of Loch Ness"

11a "Dr. Bone"

11b "No Man's Snowman"

12a "The Desert Pirates"

12b "Command Performance"

13a "The Sea Surrounds Us"

13b "Show Biz"

14a "The Wizard of Overlord"

14b "Perilous Porpoise"

15a "The Trojan Horse"

15b "The Man from K.O.N.G."

16a "Caribbean Cruise"

16b "Diver's Dilemma"

17a "The Great Sun Spots"

17b "Kong is Missing"

18a "In the Land of the Giant Trees"

18b "Captain Kong"

19a "Statue of Liberty Play"

19b "Pandora's Box"

20a "The Thousand Year Knockout"

20b "Desert City"

No kaiju

21a "Eagle Squadron"

21b "The Kong of Stone"

22a "Murderer's Maze"

No kaiju

22b "The Great Gold Strike"


23a "It Wasn't There Again Today"

23b "The Mad Whale"

24a "The King Kong Diamond"

24b "Anchors Away"

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