"The Primordial World Below"

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Kong: King of the Apes Episodes
"The Primordial World Below"
"Lost Civilization ... Found!"
"The Primordial World Below"
The Primordial World Below
Series Kong: King of the Apes
Episode # 14
Directed by Steve Ball, Jimmy Tu
Written by Sean Catherine Derek
Air date May 4th, 2018

"The Primordial World Below" is the fourteenth episode of the 2016 children's animated series Kong: King of the Apes. It is the first episode of season 2.


While falling through the volcano, Panchi, Lukas, and Danny tell each other they love them, and believe they are headed into a pit of lava, only to discover that it was in fact a hot spring. Danny then spies living dinosaurs, causing Lukas to guess that they had fallen into a preserved prehistoric world that had yet to be discovered. Their presence roused the curiosity of two Archaeopteryx, only for them to be scared away by an awakening Dilophosaurus, who quickly turned his attention on the humans. Luckily, Kong arrives and fights off the dinosaur before hugging his friends. However, Lukas looks up to see Richard Remy falling down from the world above, slamming into rocks all the way down, and asks Kong to save him. Kong, unsurprisingly, is unwilling, and while he does catch Richard, breaking his fall, he promptly drops him. Richard tries to brush off his attempted murder of his brother and two children before noticing the dinosaurs and scheming to use their DNA to create new Biono-bots. Meanwhile on the surface, the entire world sees the news broadcast exposing Richard for framing Kong and apparently murdering Richard, Danny, and Panchi, breaking the hearts of Amy and Anita back at HQ. Back in the subterranean world, Richard attempts to splinter off from the group, only to be caught in a giant spider's web, next to a giant stink bug. Lukas is able to convince Kong to rescue Richard again, and the stink bug farts in his face before the group moves on as Botila, now a wanted criminal, flies over Kong Island, seeing the bodies of ruined Biono-bots littering the ground. She lands her craft and meets up with her clones, who had salvaged all operable Biono-bots as a part of "Empress Botila"'s plan to enhance them with aspects of her own AI to create her own military and the AI Liberation Front to rule the world and never serve humans again. Just as Jonesie proclaims his friends dead, his phone begins to connect with Kong's tracker, and he heads back to Africa to find them, bidding Amy to keep an eye on Botila while he is away. While discussing what they will eat in the subterranean world, Danny slips on a nest and falls over a cliff, only to be saved by Kong. Richard however, intends to eat the egg, and a Quetzalcoatlus swoops down trying to do the same. Richard and the egg go over the cliff, and Lukas catches his brother, while Kong goes after the egg. Unfortunately, the Quetzalcoatlus grabs it first, so Kong grabs its tail as it flies by, and is able to snag the egg before a second pterosaur attacks him. He loses his grip on the branch he was holding and falls to the jungle floor, keeping the Quetzalcoatlus's at bay by holding them in his feet before launching them away. However, a large frog then attempts to snag the egg away with its tongue. Kong catches it, and allows the whiplash from its return journey to knock the frog out. Just as they decide that its mother is not coming back, the egg hatches into a bioluminescent hadrosaur that imprints on Kong. Jonesie's search leads him to believe that his friends are underground, while Botila dresses up Richard's most prized possession, his prototype Biono-bot as Richard and forcing it to serve as her butler. Back underground, Kong hits his head on a branch which causes three fruits to fall, one of which lands directly on Richard's head. While they are enjoying the fruit, the baby hadrosaur runs off chasing a butterfly, causing the group to run after her. She runs across a log bridging a lava river, and Danny dubs her a "Zipposaurus", which Panchi shortens to "Zippi". They chase her through a forest that turns out to be the legs of several Brontosaurus, only for Zippi to start running for a cliff. Kong then leaps over all of his friends to reach her, and puts her on his shoulder, and they all notice an ancient temple in the distance.




Weapons, vehicles, and races


  • The blip on Jonesie's phone is wildly inconsistent when tracking Kong. It depicts his position in Africa as being in Sudan, on the Sudan-Chad border, and in the Central African Republic at different points in the episode.


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