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Operation: Final War (オペレーション・ファイナルウォーズ,   Operēshon Fainaru Wōzu, lit. Operation Final Wars) was a last resort military operation detailed in Godzilla Final Wars. Under the command of Captain Douglas Gordon, the operation also included Shinichi Ozaki, Miyuki Otonashi, and the crew of the Gotengo. Their mission was to free Godzilla from Area G and then lead him to the Xilien Mothership, taking out the monsters on the way. After Godzilla annihilated Gigan, the nuclear behemoth set to follow the Gotengo all the way back to Japan where he slowly yet surely destroyed defeated the entire Xilien arsenal of kaiju. While Godzilla fought Monster X, the Gotengo successfully assaulted the Xilian fleet and eventually destroyed it. Once the fighting was over Godzilla intended to destroy the Gotengo until he was convinced by his son, Minilla, not to and the two kaiju headed back into the open ocean.


Millennium Series

Godzilla Final Wars

Once the Xiliens' true colors were exposed, the Xilien Staff Officer assassinated his commander and declared himself the Controller of Planet X, unleashing all of the aliens' concealed monster pawns across the world. The Earth Defense Force was all but wiped out by the monster hordes, save for a contingent led by Captain Douglas Gordon who commandeered the last bastion of EDF resistance: the Gotengo. Gordon formed a desparate last-ditch plan to defeat the Xiliens. The Gotengo would free Godzilla from Area G and allow him to defeat the Xiliens' legion of monsters before sealing him away once more. The plan was put into action, with the last remnants of the EDF taking the Gotengo to Antarctica to free Godzilla from Area G. En route, the Gotengo was attacked by Gigan, but the ship managed to fire off a series of rockets that destroyed Area G and released Godzilla. Godzilla briefly clashed with Gigan before decapitating his enemy and [ursuing the Gotengo, believing their last battle was still going on. Godzilla followed the Gotengo to Sydney, Australia, where he quickly defeated Zilla before moving on to New Guinea where he fought and bested Kumonga. The Gotengo led Godzilla ashore in Japan in Manazuru, where he clashed with Kamacuras, then led him to Mount Fuji where he faced the combined onslaught of Rodan, Anguirus, and King Caesar. Godzilla managed to triumph over the three monsters, then moved on to Tokyo Bay where he battled Hedorah and Ebirah. Godzilla launched both monsters out of the bay then destroyed them with his atomic breath. Having finally reached the invasion's epicenter in Tokyo, the Gotengo began an aerial duel with the Xiliens' fleet. Ensign Katsunori Kazama piloted a Dogfighter and sacrificed himself to take out the shield generator inside the Xilien Mothership, allowing the Gotengo to breach its hull.

However, the Xiliens quickly boarded the Gotengo and killed most of the crew, then captured the survivors. They were brought before the Controller, who revealed his trump carad, summoning the Gorath asteroid to destroy Godzilla. Godzilla blasted the asteroid with his atomic breath and destroyed it, only for the real threat to reveal itself: Monster X. The Shobijin summoned Mothra to Godzilla's aid, but the Controller unleashed the Modified Gigan to deal with her. While Gigan and Monster X battled Godzilla, the Controller used his Keizer powers to take over Ensign Shinichi Ozaki's mind and force him to attack the others. Fortunately, Miyuki Otonashi was able to free Ozaki using the dagger the Shobijin had given her earlier. Ozaki fought the Controller while the others fought their way back to the Gotengo with the Xiliens' escaped prisoners. Meanwhile, Mothra intervened to save Godzilla from Monster X and Gigan's combined onslaught, then sacrificed herself to destroy Gigan. Just as Godzilla gained the upper hand over Monster X, so too did Ozaki over the Controller. Defeated, the Controller stated he would not die alone and activated the Mothership's self-destruct. Ozaki managed to make it back aboard the Gotengo with the others, and the ship escaped as the Xilien Mothership exploded.

The battle was not over, however, as Monster X transformed into the more powerful Keizer Ghidorah and turned the tables on Godzilla, blasting the King of the Monsters across the ruins of Tokyo with his antigravity beams. As Keizer Ghidorah began draining Godzilla's energy through his bite, Ozaki used the Gotengo's Maser Cannon to transfer some of his Keizer energy into Godzilla. Reinvigorated, Godzilla freed himself from his enemy's grip and blasted off one of his heads. He caused Keizer Ghidorah to sever one of his own heads with a beam then proceeded to lift and throw him several times. Finally, Godzilla launched Keizer Ghidorah into the air and blasted him with a red spiral heat ray which pushed him into outer space, where he exploded.

Godzilla turned his wrath toward the Gotengo, shooting it down with his atomic breath. The crew exited the ship and faced down Godzilla, but Godzilla's son Minilla arrived and stood before his father, holding out his arms in defense of the humans. This finally convinced Godzilla to stand down, and he subsequently returned to the ocean with his son. Finally, the battle was over and the planet was saved. Operation: Final War was a success.


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