Operation: Final War

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Operation: Final War (オペレーション・ファイナルウォーズ,   Operēshon Fainaru Wōzu, lit. Operation Final Wars) was a last resort military operation detailed in Godzilla: Final Wars. It included Captain Douglass Gordon, Shinichi Ozaki, Miyuki Otonashi, and the crew of the Gotengo. Their mission was to free Godzilla from Area G and then lead him to the Xiliens Mothership, taking out the monsters on the way. After Godzilla annihilated Gigan, the nuclear behemoth set to follow the Gotengo all the way back to Japan where he slowly yet surely destroyed defeated the entire Xilien arsenal of kaiju. While Godzilla fought Monster X, the Gotengo successfully assaulted the Xilian fleet and eventually destroyed it. Once the fighting was over Godzilla intended to destroy the Gotengo until he was convinced by his son, Minilla, not to and the two kaiju headed back into the open ocean.


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