Powered Gyaos

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Powered Gyaos
Powered Gyaos in Manga Boys Special Edition: Gamera
Subtitle(s) Strongest Monster
(最強怪獣,   Saikyō Kaijū)
Species Gyaos/Guiron/Jiger/Viras/Zigra/Barugon hybrid
Enemies Gamera
First appearance Manga Boys Special Edition: Gamera

Powered Gyaos (パワード・ギャオス,   Pawādo Gyaosu) is a hybrid kaiju composed of all the foes Gamera fought in the Showa era. It first appeared in Manga Boys Special Edition: Gamera.


Powered Gyaos is a fusion of all of Gamera's Showa foes. He has the body, wings and head of Gyaos, the head of Guiron as a blade on his right arm, the head of Viras as a claw on his left arm, the head of Zigra on his chest, and the heads of Jiger and Barugon extending out from his back.


Manga Boys Special Edition: Gamera

Powered Gyaos emerged and fought Gamera after all the other kaiju were defeated. Gamera ultimately defeated him.


  • Powered Gyaos's premise, being a composite creature comprised of numerous opponents previously fought by Gamera, is similar to Jumbo King and Tyrant, two monsters created by Tsuburaya Productions for the Ultraman franchise.


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