"Song of Gamera"

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"Song of Gamera"
Performed by Hibari Junior Chorus
Composed by Akira Komachi
Lyrics by Hidemasa Nagata
Heard in Gamera vs. Gyaos
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The "Song of Gamera" (ガメラの歌,   Gamera no Uta) is a theme song for Gamera introduced in Gamera vs. Gyaos (1967). It was followed by the more famous and frequently used "Gamera March", which was introduced in the next film, Gamera vs. Viras (1968).


Japanese version

First verse

北極生まれの大きな体 (The gigantic body, born in the Arctic)
手足を引っ込め、回転ジェット (Spinning Jet by retracting limbs)
宇宙の果てまで一跨ぎ (One stride to the corner of the Universe)
それゆけ飛び出せやっつけろ! (Go, launch, and defeat it!)
マッハ3だ (Mach 3)
強いぞガメラ! (Gamera is strong!)

Second verse

出てこい怪獣、何でも来い! (Come out, antagonist kaiju, come at me with anything!)
火炎噴射で吹き飛ばせ! (Blast it with the Flame Jet!)
咥えて離すな、水の中! (Bite and don't let it go in the underwater battle!)
それゆけばっちりやっつけろ! (Go and defeat it utterly!)
マッハ3だ (Mach 3)
頑張れガメラ! (Go for it Gamera!)

Third verse

殺人音波の怪獣なんか (Killer sonic wave kaiju is merely)
見ていろ! 得意の体当たり (You shall see the proficient ramming!)
子供の味方だ、大暴れ (He is the friend of children and rampages!)
それゆけ突っ込めやっつけろ! (Go and plunge and defeat it!)
マッハ3だ (Mach 3)
僕らのガメラ! (Our Gamera!)


  • Several lyrics from the song were re-used in the "Gamera March."
  • This song provided formal names for some of Gamera's abilities for the first time: the Flame Jet (火炎噴射,   Kaen Funsha) and the Spinning Jet (回転ジェット,   Kaiten Jetto).
  • In The Great Yokai War: Guardians Anecdote: Heian Hundred Demon Tales (妖怪大戦争ガーディアンズ外伝 平安百鬼譚,   Yōkai Daisensō: Gādianzu Gaiden: Heian Hyakkitan), a spin-off novelization of The Great Yokai War: Guardians[1] which gives the Black Tortoise (玄武,   Genbu) similar abilities to Gamera,[2][3] various yokai in Kyoto praised her by singing a modified version of the "Gamera March" incorporating some lyrics from the "Song of Gamera" (Bite and don't let it go and Blast it). This is also a reference to both "The Myth" and the GeGeGe no Kitarō theme song, as lyrics of the former were inserted to describe the relationship between Gamera and yokai and humans, and the tumult by yokai in the scene is described as a "sports festival in the graveyard at night."[4]
  • Hibari Junior Chorus is also known for the theme song of Chargeman Ken!, an anime which used recycled Gamera and Godzilla for gigantic dinosaurs battling in the kaiju film briefly shown in the episode "Dynamite in the Brain!".[5]


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