"The Valkyrie's Trap"

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Guyferd episodes
"The Mystery of the Polaris Document"
"The Valkyrie's Trap"
"Pursue the Sword of the Seven Stars!"
"The Valkyrie's Trap"
The Valkyrie's Trap
Series Guyferd
Episode # 20
Directed by Shinichi Kamisawa
Written by Hiroshi Ishi
Air date August 19, 1996

"The Valkyrie's Trap" (ワルキューレの罠,   Warukyūre no Wana) is the twentieth episode of Guyferd.


The episode begins with the protagonists researching swords with a museum worker from the previous episode. They pause on one slide after Dr. Takeo Shiroishi recognizes the markings on one sword, thus identifying it as the Sword of the Seven Stars, which they were seeking. At the Crown headquarters, Zodiac and a scientist discuss their plans and the other "Key Items". Zodiac then summons Gaia Soldier Valkyrie and sends her out to do his bidding. Rei Kujo, who is at Go Kazama's apartment with the others receives a phone call to turn on the TV, when she does so, a show with two women discussing an art collection comes on. one of the women goes to the kitchen, where it is revealed that there is no camera crew filming them, but rather a Crown camera sphere. The group assesses this and questions weather or not to take action. Shiroishi, Kazama, and the Etsuko go to the art gallery where they ask the woman about the pictures she took of the Sword of the Seven Stars. Later on, Go and Shiroishi deduce that she must be a target of Crown, and attempt to coax more information from her. Elsewhere, a group of Fangs fight two men who were following their truck, but they are quickly defeated when a man pulls a shotgun from his briefcase. The men are then revealed to be working with or for the photographer. The woman meets her affiliates in the parking garage, but there her assistant is shown to be working with Crown, and to the surprise of all present, a Gaia-Soldier. Valkyrie runs away, but Go and the photographer's assistants chase her. When Go reaches the surface, he encounters Rei Kujo who proceeds to beat him senseless. This is revealed to be because Valkyrie has just taken Rei's form. Go quickly realizes this and transforms into Guyferd. The two have an intense martial arts fight, until Valkyrie is defeated with Guyferd's fire fist technique. After this, the protagonists are presented by the photographer with the Sword of the Seven Stars.


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