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In celebration of the release of Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters in November of 2017, Japanese company Sanrio brought Godzilla together with a few of their beloved characters such as Hello Kitty, Little TwinStars, Pompompurin, My Melody, & Flat the Mouse. The adorable art pieces were put together by talented artists at Sanrio, and were then given to Toho to place in their official Godzilla Store, all the art pieces are still currently available for purchase both online and at the real store in Tokyo.

About the Art Pieces

Hello Kitty X Godzilla

In the main piece, Hello Kitty is seen sitting with Godzilla. They are both making cute shapes with their hands along their noses, and, quite comically, Godzilla is outfitted with Hello Kitty' signature red bow.

My Melody X Godzilla

In this piece, the characters My Melody & Flat the Mouse are seen fitting multi-coloured bows all over Godzilla, the part that really pulls this piece together is that Godzilla is looking less-than pleased in what he is partaking in.

The TwinStars X Godzilla

This piece pairs Godzilla up with the two TwinStars, it pictures them playing with Godzilla on some clouds, and strangely enough, there are four smaller, multi-coloured cotton candy like Godzillas are enjoying the fun.

Pompompurin X Godzilla

This adorable piece shows the Sanrio character Pompompurin cuddling with Godzilla, and to add to the cuteness, both Pompompurin & Godzilla are wearing adorable burets.


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